Maduro appoints Argentina’s president as his ‘voice’ and heats up on US summit


Alberto Fernandez will protest the boycott of his allies: Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua

Venezuela's President Nicolo
Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro.Miraflores PressEFE
  • America Biden definitely excludes three dictatorships from America’s summit

Nicolas Maduro It already has a delegate for the Americas IX summit, which begins today in Los Angeles when a vigorous diplomatic pulse is still being maintained among the organizers, convinced that it already has a “concrete” representation”, and the countries of the region. “I think it’s great that Alberto Fernandez Bring the voices of Latin America and the Caribbean to America’s meeting. We are going to be well represented,” congratulated the “President of the People”.

“I appreciate your brave position. The humble people of the continent recognize your tenacity and add their voices to question the precarious imperialist policy that seeks to divide our continent,” said Maduro, who was never invited to the summit And on which a reward of $ 15 million is given to the person who helps in his capture.

The revolutionary leader insisted that the summit was not so and that it would be a meeting in an attempt to escalate the boycott that has unfolded in recent weeks as a result of the controversy raised by the Mexican president, Anders Manuel Lepez Obrador, who has submitted his representation to his chancellor Marcelo Ebrard in the early hours. If Joe Biden doesn’t give his hand to turn around and invite three revolutions, López Obrador will not attend the conference raising issues, such as immigration, that directly affect his country.

Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua were “punished” not only for maintaining anti-democratic positions. All three are Vladimir Putin’s main allies in the region. “America intended to crush Russia and the opposite happened,” “Chávez’s son” insisted in the same speech.

exclusion and exclusion These are the two words that have marked the preamble of the summit so far. As Maduro has already made clear, his ally Fernandez will reluctantly attend the meeting in California, as confirmed by the Argentine president in a telephone conversation with Biden. The two presidents will make arrangements for Fernandez’s visit to Washington in Los Angeles.

There will be no parallel summit

Maduro’s “voice” at the summit was eventually abandoned, forcing a parallel revolutionary summit in Los Angeles, an initiative that was born dead from its origins. Something that was clear to Biden’s envoy in the region, former Democratic Senator Christoper Dodd, who has met several Latin American presidents on a power trip.

Fernández will try to make the most of his temporary presidency of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC), created more than a decade ago by Hugo Chávez and Lula da Silva to consolidate their hegemony on the continent . Apart from betting on his role, would have to channel the protest against the boycott of his allies Resurgence of the South American League of Nations (Unasura), another piece for its geopolitical board. “America is getting its way again, we have full confidence,” the Bolivian leader insisted.

In the final sprint towards the summit, which devotes its first day to civil society meetings, The absence of the President of BoliviaLuis Arce, who was present with Maduro at the Anti-Summit in Havana, and Miguel Daz-Canel of Cuba, as well as Honduran leftist Xiomara Castro’s firm position not to attend Los Angeles if Biden does not open his hand. already.

Many casualties are also expected from smaller Caribbean countries, Venezuela’s allies, such as St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Instead, Dodd returned to Washington with the certainty that Brazil’s Jair Bolsonaro would forget his disagreement with the US and move to California, like Chile’s Gabriel Boric. Peru’s Pedro Castillo has already obtained permission from Congress to travel to the host city.

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