Maduro dresses up as fake King Midas before Venezuelan retirees

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Nicolas Maduro is enjoying one of his best moments at the top of the country these days. Almost everything goes well for him and what doesn’t, he hides through the powerful machinery of revolutionary propaganda. Within days, “Chávez’s son” has been approved as president of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), which insists on his presidential candidacy for 2024and the Supreme Court of Justice (TSJ) to remedy it, resulting in extended impunity.

Even the revolutionary boss enjoys his own social network, Waynap, which Dare with original video on tik-tok, As he states that he got into a taxi in Maracay, something was impossible. “The taxi driver asked me what I was going to pay: Dollars, Rubles, Yuan, Rupees, Petro, Bitcoin. I made Pim Pum Pam (on a portable phone) and paid in Petro (Bolivarian with little influence in Venezuela) Cryptocurrency). And he (taxi driver), happy.”

The president forgot to include the national currency Bolivar in his novel. It doesn’t matter: the “People’s President” is screwed over his throne in the Miraflores Palace as before, so much so that A date has been set on the horizon for the order to remain in place: 2030., at least for now.

To celebrate the situation, the Chavista leader has launched a new “circus campaign, but without enough bread”, as defined by political scientist Luis Salamanca, former rector of the National Electoral Council (CNE). Maduro announces his star measurements at May Day rally, although it took several days to break it. This is a bonus of 10,000 bolivars (2,120 euros), “to some extent to repair and compensate retirees,” advanced the Chavista chief, who traditionally took advantage of this day to confirm the increase in the minimum wage. Which didn’t come this time.

The initial impression was tremendous: Retirees and pensioners are among the great victims of Bolivarian economic failure, as they have resisted this great crisis for years with payments ranging from as little as 1 euro to 20. The first question is whether the beneficiaries will retire only from January 1, 2018 to the present, which is the most active in the protests taking place in this group. A very small group: 120,000 of the five million calculated by the government itself.

“Retired before the year 2018, the regime considers him dead,” quipped author Luis Chumasero. “It’s a discriminatory bonus”Added Human Rights Committee of Pensioners.

Vice President Delcy Rodriguez was in charge of detailing before public opinion that he too would get only 179 euros monthly for a year. and nothing for the vast majority, precisely the longest living and most needy, who are currently They get about 27 euros per month When in Venezuela the prices for food and basic products are the same as in Spanish.

“We will create maximum happiness of the people and we will promote the development of the economy, we will overcome adversity. We will win!” Maduro cried not only for his citizens, but also for his citizens dressed as the false King Midas and foreign allies.

President, Chief Associate Vladimir Putin In this area, it begins to collect the first fruits of the white campaign propagated from Caracas through its partners and the Puebla Group. Direct support of the President of Argentina Alberto FernandezThe human rights violations in Venezuela the other side is willing to look at are just a foreshadowing of events to come through the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC).

“Drivers of Victory” raised from Buenos Aires to Antigua and Barbuda, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Dominica and St. Kitts and Nevis, classic Caribbean allies in international affairs to forgive 370 million debts thanks to PetroCarib Took advantage of the gone hand. All this in front of the anger of the opposition and when The great public services of the country have been demolished,

The news was shocking as it is the ‘Deez-V’ of the time Hugo Chavez Created a network of alliances through petrodiplomacy with billions in wastage and a price of around $200 a barrel. Something seems to have been forgotten in the poorest country in the region, next to Haiti.

“Maduro wants to take advantage of the context of high oil prices to continue to regain its international legitimacy in the sector, which greatly complicates the position of the US government. There are a number of countries that are interested in being able to obtain Venezuelan oil. And they are pressuring Washington to allow the resumption of trade ties with Maduro and PDVSA despite the sanctions,” the internationalist told EL Mundo. Marion of Albas,

in parallel, Diesel consignment to Cuba has also returned, a country dependent on fuel imports and which has relied on Bolivian support for two decades. Diesel is essential to preventing blackouts on the island, as it is what supplies its electrical system.

“The perception within the dominant bloc in the Maduro government is that the current context of rising oil prices and Growth in demand for energy sources will last longer And will allow you to generate an unprecedented level of income compared to the last 6 years. So they bet that the cancellation will not have a major impact on the state of the Venezuelan treasury,” said de Alba, senior adviser to the International Crisis Group, who nonetheless believes the government was to blame for excessive optimism in its calculations.

Tricky giveaways at home and abroad, including salsa and merengue festivals, to give the impression that the slogan “Venezuela fixed it” this is true. Opposition leader Anders Velsquez said, “What a way to make fun of the suffering of the whole country. But whatever they do, they will not be able to hide poverty, hunger, human rights violations and the absence of freedom and democracy.”

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