Maduro meets with Foreign Minister Lavrov in Turkey, hours before the official start of the Los Angeles summit


Beyond the geo-strategic chessboard, the Turkish government has helped Chavismo evade US sanctions, particularly with the purchase of gold from the Mining Ark’s mines and state treasuries.

Maduro and Cilia Flores as they arrive in Ankara.
Maduro and Cilia Flores as they arrive in Ankara.zurimar fieldsAFP

Much was discussed about the “exclusion” of the three allied dictatorships of the Vladimir Putin at the summit of America that its main leader, Nicolas Maduro, took advantage of the tailwind to visit Turkey and thus coincide with the Russian Foreign Minister, Serguy Lavrov. He was already warned by the “President of the People” himself, who is very fond of campaigns of hope in his Creole version: “I invite you to be attentive to the agenda of international activities that we will have in the next few hours. It will be of interest and of geo-political importance.” ,

thus, eurasian tour, As it is baptized by the Miraflores Palace, the official opening of the Continental Conference in Los Angeles, over which the Mexican President’s presidency is endorsed, takes place in a few hours. Anders Manuel Lepez Obrador, On three revolutions.

“We express our appreciation for your clarity and courage. Send us your support for your request for a new organization where all countries of America participate without discrimination or discrimination,” by flying to Ankara Previously called the “People’s President”, while in a California city dedicated to civil society, people persecuted by revolutions and populist governments have exposed their hardships to the world.

Among the governments close to Maduro are not only the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC), which is headed by Argentina. Alberto Fernandez, Which is expected over the next few hours in Los Angeles. Also encouraged in its day, with the disappearance of the South American League of Nations (UNASU). Hugo Chavez, that Maduro now hopes to resurface in the face of most leftists who count in the region. of victory gustavo petro Second election round in Colombia and confirm lula da silva The Brazilian elections combined a front of seven Allied governments against the loneliness of Uruguay, Paraguay and Ecuador. Right President of Uruguay, Louis Lacley, removed from guest list Joe Biden By testing positive for coronavirus.

Maduro and the President of Turkey, Recep Erdogan, They maintain a common agenda based on a “multicentric and multipolar vision”. Beyond the Geo-strategic Board, The Turkish government has helped Chavismo circumvent US sanctions, Especially with the purchase of gold coming out of the mines of the Mining Ark and the state treasury. His profit was in lakhs.

Also on Lavrov’s agenda are discussions with Erdogan about maritime corridors in the Black Sea and, as the optimists believe, a new attempt at dialogue with Ukraine.

“A curious coincidence, Lavrov and Maduro’s trips to Turkey take place practically on the same day. Nothing happens by chance in politics. It is clear that there are instructions from Russia for its main antenna in the area, which is Venezuela. It is also clear that Maduro has managed to present his narrative about his excommunication in the same way as Cuban and Nicaraguan regimes. And I refer to his statement, because he has been helped by López Obrador in Mexico and Alberto Fernández in Argentina, raising their voices for the region’s three autocrats,” admits the analyst to EL Mundo. Walter Molina Galdi.

“This anti-democratic group has a well-armed international strategy. This is why Maduro travels to Turkey and talks about CELAC before doing so,” he concluded.

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