Maduro reclaims his program ‘La Hora de la Salsa’ to sell the “economic miracle” of the revolution


This is all under the real dollarization Venezuela is experiencing, which has facilitated in-store payment systems reform, but which It has not curbed inequality or pathetic pay: Minimum wage is around 26 euros per month

Maduro plays Maracas Llanaras in the show.
Maduro plays Maracas Llanaras in the show.EM

“We are going to hold contests, launch songs and questions. Everyone who takes part in the competition, giving the correct answer on social networks, will receive tickets to the concert at the World Salsa Festival as a prize.” It’s not about the program great saturday, The one that made Don Francisco famous across the continent, or the Venezuelan Super Saturday Sensational; None of the dmode djs of classic Venezuelan radio.

who thus organizes his audience Nicolas MaduroThe head of the Bolivarian revolution, who has regained his radio program Salsa and Joy Time, andIn which he himself punctuates the records, plays Maracas Llaneras and, if encouraged, dances salsa with his inseparable. cilia flower First revolutionary fighter.

“He who doesn’t like salsa has no feeling, which lends itself to the musical interference of the song,” Maduro often says. “Indestructible” by Ray Barreto A kind of amulet for the “People’s President”, after launching salsa time He was forced to silence due to the fall of Venezuela in 2016. The program is broadcast on Radio Miraflores (voice of truth), but it multiplies through state propaganda mechanisms. Has been completed Hugo Chavezo in the studio of the said station

“We are moving forward and ahead is for everyone,” Maduro insisted during his program. The “son of Chávez” refers to the best economies once the hyperinflation process has been overcome, the central piece of the propaganda strategy that last year. launched Chavismo to sell the world that “Venezuela has already healed.” The “circus without bread”, as defined by political scientist Luis Salamanca, former rector of the National Electoral Council (CNE), mixes casino openings and still life with the so-called bubble of Caracas and concerts of the Caribbean. Is. Salceros and Merengueros, Maduro’s special guests at the Miraflores Palace.

This is all under the real dollarization Venezuela is experiencing, which has facilitated in-store payment systems reform, but which It has not curbed inequality or pathetic pay: The minimum wage is around 26 euros per month.
Revolutionary leaders take advantage Between CanSyn and CanSyn to release their political commentary International (“This is the time in which the world stops”) and his national jokes. “Now we can calm down, Venezuela is fixed,” quipped the disgruntled Chavista Nikmar Evans.

“Maduro is using the alleged Venezuelan economic miracle (debatable) and his mantra was arranged as one of the most important messages of an unofficial election campaign in the country to Venezuela, for which Miraflores has a good amount of resources, working hours and devoting much more human capital”, reveals sociologist to the world Gianni Finco.

At the head of this long-term campaign has been Maduro himself, who is encouraged by his mentors, who have chosen to increase his cult of personality, even as an alleged superhero. superbigotayOne who fights against the Empire and against the opponents.

“Salsa and Joy Time” It is set right in front of the general elections of 2024 and certainly this economic recovery should be celebrated, linking it with its creator, Nicolas Maduro, author of the Venezuelan economic miracle. Strategy to increase and print popularity of the mighty man of power Even more personal character for a revolution which, after Chávez’s death, was governed by a collective leadership of high-ranking revolutionary cadres,” concludes Finco.

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