Magnus Carlsen and the difficult task of finding an opponent who motivates him: “I don’t know whether to play against something”


The world champion has left the door open for him to give up his title due to a lack of desire. As he remarked, only young Firoza interests him. The money or format also plays into your position.

Carlsen against Napo in the last World Cup.
Carlsen against Napo in the last World Cup.FIDE/EFE
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A few months ago, the Norwegian Grand Master Jonathan Tisdall interviewed his compatriots Magnus Carlson For And I asked him if his biggest advantage over his rivals in the long, long, long games of the World Cup was his experience.

No, my biggest advantage is that I play better chess, the world champion replied.

Carlsen looks at the Madrid Candidates tournament starting from above this Friday: He knows he is the best, he is the best. This title belongs to him since 2013 and even before that he is number one in the ranking since 2011. Recently, he chained more than two years without losing and touched the 2,900 ELO mark, an outrage. Right now it is untouchable. No one can snatch the crown from him in the 14-match World Cup. For this to happen, the rest need to develop a lot or lose their motivation, explains the Spanish Grand Master. Miguel Illescas, And therein lies the matter: Carlson is getting bored.

turquoise challenge

In recent years, even before his 2021 title defense, he has ruled out the prospect of giving up his title and this time it looks like he means business. It is likely that he will disappoint those who expect him to play in the next World Cup, he announced after his last win, although he expressed hope early. As he said, it would depend on his opponent. If French Nationalized Iran Wins Candidates Tournament alireza turquoise, play against him; If someone else wins, it is assumed that they will not even sit at the table.

Turquoise is a challenge for him, an inspiration, because he is so young [tiene 18 aos] And there is a lot of discussion about it. Somehow he was able to prove to him that he is capable of defeating the new generation as well. And as some media would expect, Carlsen would not be given a champion before competing. With others no one knows what I will do. If you win the Candidates Tournament [el estadounidense Fabiano] For example, it cost Caruana a lot to convince him. They had already faced each other in the 2018 World Cup, 12 table signings and the Norwegian found it very uncomfortable. It would be necessary for him to put a lot of money on the table for him to play, analyzes Ileskas, and he is not without reason with the economic issue -many people have pointed out that Carlsen only works hard to increase his cash. -, but there’s another issue up in the air: format.

a format change

Carlsen has long demanded that the World Cup not be confined to classical chess and that traditional rhythm games be combined with semi-fast and fast games. According to him, the format with which the best in the world is judged rewards defensive players like Caruana, and leads to the cancellation of the show. The International Chess Federation (FIDE), which has introduced several innovations in its tournaments, does not seem in the mood to play its own World Cup, but if Carlsen is not…

If he pushes too hard, perhaps the leader will consider change. Either way, they must do something. The best idea for me is to play a tiebreaker every day. That is to say, if a game of classical chess ends in a draw, play a tiebreaker, so that there is always a winner. There are many ways to streamline the tournament, explains Ileskas, who, like all experts, doesn’t see a clear candidate for victory in Madrid these days. According to a survey of 500 readers of Pen de Re, he himself edits the chess magazine, with the choices split among approximately 33% Chinese. ding lirenCaruana y Turquoise.

It is important to chess that the best man wins and, at the same time, he wins which forces Carlsen to rise from his throne.

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