Man arrested in Koslada barricades himself with his daughters after learning that he was condemned for misbehavior


The police negotiated with her for more than seven hours to turn themselves in and release her eldest daughter, who was unable to escape like the youngest. Apparently, the man had been torturing his wife physically and mentally over the years.

Mothers and daughters were hugged by their neighbors.
Mothers and daughters were hugged by their neighbors.VG
  • planning A father arrested for implicating himself by forcibly holding his daughters Koslada

15-year-old resident of Calle Principes de Espa in Madrid Municipality koslada, Barely Ate This Saturday, about an incident that, fortunately, ended in a happy ending. A 43-year-old man of Romanian nationality, Threatened to kill himself by barricading along with his two daughtersafter his partner lodged a complaint against him gender violence And ask for a divorce. after more and more seven hour conversationchanged himself and the national police arrested him, the accused, in principle, Offenses of illegal detention, abuse and kidnappingFor which he can be imprisoned from six months to two years.

At around 11 a.m. when agents came to his house to arrest him, he locked himself in the apartment where the family lives with his two daughters, whom he had threatened to kill. with the help of a knife If anyone dares to cross the door. One of them, the younger, 12-year-old Sara, managed to escape by jumping on the roof of the house. Next door barefoot, in pajamas and risking his life, because the house is on the 10th floor. The eldest, Miriam, who turned 15 yesterday, is forced to be with her father At home until after 6:00 pm, when he was released without injury.

Several members of the National Police—including interlocutors—, local, GEO, Summa and firefighters, who had to intervene after the man tried to blow up the building, went to the spot. He came to open the butane cylinder And as police confirmed, firefighters had to put in place a system to catch the leak and protect the building from explosion. All residents of the property had to be evicted for containment And they could not return to their homes after 7:00 pm.

The 39-year-old woman, Elena, a friend, told this newspaper, had faced gender-based violence for years. He said it was a victim of psychological abuse for a long time. and physical? at least twiceadded the woman, her eyes red and teary. She was one of the first to hug the girls’ mothers after they were safe. he told me he’s finally freefriend expressed.

he was a little crazyalso told another woman, who was shocked by the incident, who said she knew the family well, although other neighbors defended that he was a normal, quiet boy. two brothers are very nice people, one of the few integrated people here who are not involved in, They are super friendly. Doesn’t give a stereotype of what he’s done. Apparently the complaint was the trigger, Quick said hours before the father found himself inside. in detail, The family had lived in Kolada for almost 20 years.,

“We didn’t expect it”

They look good together. Julie pointed out from her side, he never caused a problem. This has surprised us. we didn’t expect it, He doesn’t drink alcohol or anything, Rosa added about the captives in the same group, who can also be charged with other crimes, such as death threats against girls and attempted murder.

He was previously frequently seen at the La Tapita bar, a few meters from the building he lives in. He hasn’t been here long, but I know him by sight. It was very quiet. And he didn’t drink alcohol, only coffee, But inside the house you never know…, said the bar’s owner, Alexandra.

In this episode, many compatriots also express their views, who were waiting for the last hour behind the siege of the police for hours. They lived a normal life. Don’t drink, Mario and Christian tell you. He must have been sad or something. he panicked because the woman wanted a divorceBut it was quiet. I always saw him going out on walks with girls. But, of course, who knows what problems they’ll have at home, Nichols pointed out.

Many neighbors of the same block are barely related to the family. We didn’t know them further than Good morning, good afternoon, confirmed Maria and Julian, who live on the ground floor of Number 15. They stayed at home with the table set when, at 2:30 pm, Police warned them that they would have to vacate the building due to the threat of being blown up, We may be eating something here, but the truth is that you don’t feel much hungry in such a case. Devastated to see him this morning… Mara couple.

At noon, other elderly residents of the block were sitting on camping chairs that were loaned to them. He was a neighbor who never stopped. They live here on rent. Hardly anyone knows him, he said, not giving his name, like another resident, who had come to a confrontation with the captive. He is a tall, strong man. I know him. I have argued with him. Throw? One day because he messed with the gardener. We went to his house and I don’t know if he drinks or is angry, but… geez!The man gestured without wanting to explain further.

Hundreds of residents stood on the road for hours, waiting for the end. At around seven in the evening, when the police arrested the parents and the girls were reunited, they were applauded. Shortly after, the police lifted the police cordon and released the mother and daughters in an ambulance where they received psychological care. Many neighbors hugged him. Now give her the courage to move on with her daughtersI was heard saying

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