Man barricading himself in Koस्lada with his 15-year-old daughter, hospitalized after attempted suicide


The defendant was cut from a broken slab in the back of the wrist. He held his daughter for seven hours and threatened to blow up the building with butane gas

A father has been arrested for implicating himself by holding his daughters with a knife in Coslada, MadridWorld
  • planning Man arrested in Koslada barricades himself with his daughters after learning that he was condemned for misbehavior

The man who locked himself with his 15-year-old daughter for several hours at their home in Kolada last Saturday with their 15-year-old daughter and threatened to blow up the building with butane cylinders after being scolded by his partner, called yesterday Sunday morning. Attempted suicide in the cell of Coslada National Police Station (Madrid). Specific, I broke some slabs with blows And in the area behind one of the wrists was cut.

Agents immediately intervened and were successful in stopping his suicide attempt. However, he managed to cut himself, so it was necessary to activate an ambulance from Madrid’s Summa-112 community.

Doctors transferred the man of Romanian nationality and 43-year-old to Kolada Hospital, where he remains in the ward after undergoing ICU. The police accused him of several offences: Illegal detention, kidnapping, abuse, intimidation and havoc (because of his desire to exploit the building), although the judge would be the final charge-bearer.

The incident took place this Saturday morning around 11:00 am when the man locked himself inside his house along with his two daughters aged 12 and 15. The youngest child managed to escape through the window. She was condemned for the alleged misbehavior by her 39-year-old partner, who also asked for a divorce.

For several hours different signals of the National Police—Civil Defense Agents, Prevention and Response Unit, Judicial Police, The negotiating team and Geos- worked in coordination to convince the person to turn himself in, Which he did around six in the evening. Both the man and the minor, who turned 15 yesterday, passed away after recovering.

To prevent the entry of the police, the man locked himself in the house, locked the door and placed various pieces of furniture behind the door. He also came to open the butane cylinder And as police confirmed, firefighters had to put in place a system to catch the leak and protect the building from explosion. All residents of the property had to be evicted for prevention And they could not return to their homes after 7:00 pm.

According to several neighbors, a 39-year-old woman, faced sexual violence for years, Regarding the man, the neighborhood reported that he was apparently very calm and affectionate with his two daughters. He had been living in the mud for 20 years.

The government’s representative in Madrid, Mercedes González, has congratulated the security forces for their work in a “very difficult, terrifying” incident, which in his opinion It was a case of sexist and perverted violence. Those were terrible hours, but in the end we got over it,” Gonzalez said while attending an event to promote the use of bicycles in Madrid.

The representative explained that during the afternoon she kept in touch with Presidency Minister Enrique López and the mayor of Coslada, Negal Viveros and. Celebrated the “happy” outcome of the event with a “safe” girl and arrested the attacker.

Police sources have indicated that there is a tussle between agents with Coslada’s Municipal Police Chief Gabriel Negal Cerrato, who appeared at the event last Saturday at around 4:00 pm (five hours after the events began) and dressed in shorts and flip flops, However, he assures that he followed up on the matter by phone and that he followed a request by the Kolada National Police Commissioner to evict the municipal library due to parallel services such as traffic cuts and evictions of houses and development of incidents. to be done. ,

Agents of the Municipal Police of Coslada were in charge of cutting and maintaining the roads throughout the day. Security around the perimeter of the area, While the National Police chatted with a man barricading his home with his 12-year-old daughter on Calle de Príncipes de Espaa in Coslada.

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