Manika Oltra says she is not resigning because she has to “protect democracy” against “fascism”


Another agreement with ministers.

Monica Oltra does not resign. This is made clear in her first appearance this morning, when she covered up an allegation of mistreatment of a minor by her husband. “I’m consistent. It’s a moral, aesthetic and political position,” said the vice president, who admitted not to speak with Puig and not add “pressure” on him. The vice president assured that she was not resigning because she had to “defend democracy against fascism”, pointing to an allegation that has been brought by the lawyer and leader of Spain in 2000, José Luis Roberto. “It’s a political hunt. Is there any pressure? Okay, wait,” he said.

Oltra highlights the car’s sentence that collects that “there is no direct evidence.” “It’s the phrase that defines the car. We live in situations similar to this one at the moment. Translated it means it’s impossible for 13 people to tell the truth. And they’re all lying to save me. What are they? think, neither do they vote, nor if they share the Botanic Project. I know the truth is the truth”.

With regard to the coherence of his actions, noting that for years he called for the resignation of the accused politicians, the Vice President clarified his position. “I have always separated the allegations from moral grounds, and any comparison with the corrupt practices of PP is abhorrent,” he said.

“I have acted with transparency and parliamentary integrity. I have sought explanations from the camps. I have given them, I have appeared in Cortes innumerable times and before you, I have presented all the documents and I have never been under the control of Cortes. I am not spared or your questions,” he said.

Oltra attended his presence supported by the Generalitat and two other senior officials of his party, who were accused of complaints filed by the Popular Party and acquitted. These are the regional secretary of employment, Enrique Nomadedu, and the general director of language policy, Ruban Trenzano. In the case of Nomadedu, he was charged with the offense of embezzlement in 2014 for his alleged use of the Castellón city council’s municipal postal service to send election ballots. A popular jury acquitted him. Trezzano was accused of false documents in the case of aid to Valencian given to companies by Francis Puig, brother of the president of the Generalitat. In both cases, the prosecutor’s office did not file charges.

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