Manolo Garcia: “Politicians Give Us Some Hell Of Dislike”


singer Manolo Garcia
Singer Manolo Garcia in Madrid.Angel Navarrete
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manolo garcia, The Barcelona musician has just released a double album, ‘Mi Vida en Marte’ and ‘Desatinos Desplumados’, and will start touring the country in June. New songs will be played, as well as mythological songs from the last line.

how is yours life on Mars,
I try to make it as warm and tolerable as possible. The album’s title is a joke, but there’s a bit of evidence to it that pops up when I see a news item that says they’re going to project something on Mars. And I say oysters we’re eating our blue planet, it’s exhausted and we have to go to a cold, inhospitable and waterless place like Mars. The unjust actions of some people in the world harm their fellow citizens; They do not make life easy, but suppress and hinder. And that makes me feel a little Martian.
How do you view Spain, from your Mars favorable point?
In this country, as in all western and capitalist countries, there is consumption and spending. And one must say out loud that by eating so much and growing we are loading the planet. We all see it, but we don’t act accordingly. In general, those who direct us go in the opposite direction that suits all of us, myself included, but I’m nobody, eh.
Sure, because politicians are now under stress most of the time and looking for artificial problems.
Politicians who think about citizens and are honest they deserve all respect. But who’s just thinking about his party, the easy chair and sucker doesn’t deserve our consideration. Sometimes they think they are rock stars, but stars make us happy, they give concerts and give us goosebumps. I don’t care how well Lady Gaga or Rosella sang. But politicians dislike some of us. How does the light go up? Energy is a common commodity that we all need. Stop Personalization and Host in Vinegar! We need a retiree or a person, even if their purchasing power is low, to have electricity, have heating and not die of cold. Social Justice, Whoa! If it’s very clear.
Not everyone is so clear.
The politician who fights hard for social justice deserves all respect and what doesn’t, is that I don’t want to know anything about him, or don’t want to hear his slogans, or see his picture or vote . Leave me alone. And who is leaving the skin for his work, I hug him and I have 17 beers and coffee with him. We need good people, Koo! Damn decent people!
But how difficult it seems. To make matters worse, we in Ukraine live in moments of convulsions, with wars, economic crises, epidemics … The citizen sees himself too small in the face of these conflicts.
It suffers because economic crises are not caused by citizens. We are a group of tax paying ants. Crises are caused by those who split the cod and who lead the charge. We are citizens who work and get up at six in the morning. there are problems? For not being us; We work like crazy.
They have just released a double album on the 24th anniversary of their first solo album and 41 years after recording the first Los Rapidos album. Does the old man scare you?
No, I take pleasure in the veteran; Makes me less clumsy. I enjoy work more than ever. When you are younger, you are more likely to faint and jump in the pool even when there is no water; Now, at least, you see if there is water. You are more aware of how well the public treats you and are more grateful to the people who come to your concerts and buy your records.
How many songs have you composed over the years?
The first album was in 1981 with Los Rapidos, then it was Los Burros, El Ultimo de la Fila and now, singles. On that journey, as a solo or team songwriter, I have participated in about 300 songs, of which about 200 are singles.
How is your relationship with legendary songs like ‘Querida Milagros’ or ‘Aviones Platados’?
It is a loving and affectionate relationship. On tour, I still sing them because people ask me for them. Insurance I don’t even take it off with boiling water. If I don’t play it, people start screaming Insurance… And I play them happily. Those are the songs I’ve done with Quimmy Portrait and it’s an honor and an honor. Not only do I not hold back because they are from a young age, but I subscribe and re-sign. They’re very honest lyrics with a gusto, but their construction isn’t bad. We were young, but not stupid or clumsy.
Reviewing her biography, it caught my attention that she opened for the Ramones and Tina Turner.
Yes, and many more. We sang in the same microphone as Bruce Springsteen, Sting…have had great experiences with international and national musicians. With Calamaro, Alejandro Sanz… the musician goes in good faith, gives his little magic, just like the painter, the writer… just like anyone else who makes a chair. I admire people who work without thinking about money, it is the passion of life. It reaches an important point.
With so many songs he’s composed, many of them symbolic, he can charge Spotify a small amount.
I charge crap; is the word you can put. But not only me, all musicians.
Still don’t drop your songs for promotion?
Yes, despite the fact that I have rejected commercials and advertising campaigns on several occasions, now I have ads in my songs and all. there is no other. They have pushed us in that direction and compelled us. Take it or leave it.
Are you referring to the Spotify ad?
In general for everything. It’s a sign of our lives and I’m not going to complain or moan because it’s not fair. You can ask Springsteen, Seurat or a rising artist. Everything has changed and not in favor of the musician, but in favor of the industry. Phone companies are extremely happy. They started giving things that were not theirs. Earlier it was called piracy and now it is alleged, but it is all madness. Some people take advantage of an imaginary need they have created for us. We don’t need cell phones. That path has been shown to us and we have entered into disarray. Without the cell phone, it was also alive and quiet. This is my opinion and I will respect it if anyone disagrees.
What’s the hardest thing about being in the music scene for so many years?
Maintain the illusion because there are difficult situations. And maintain discipline and don’t get distracted from the road because there are too many siren songs. You see distractions, business, collaborations, movies… For me, it’s important not to lose sight of the answer. I am a musician and I want to make a living with my music and my concerts.
His victory is of the ordinary kind, far away from the brilliance of the big stars.
Well, maybe what you just said is my way of being a star, it’s my singularity. Posture and photos are important and I love it when I see actors who give absolute importance to staging, dressing up… I love it. I see a musician who is dressed in a unique way and I don’t think ‘Kya note hai’. It entertains me that there is variety. I am the opposite. There are actors who enter a restaurant and everyone says ‘Come on, how beautiful’. It brings joy in life. I go with a normal shirt and normal pants. I give more importance to songs. I spend more time in my studio, composing, than in stores looking for clothes. Eye!, I think it’s cool that there are artists who go to London or Paris to buy clothes so that later they go crazy in Madrid. they go together see And some hairstyles… I think it’s cool. If it was me, I would be fine too, what’s the matter! But I am not like that and I will not even apologize for that.
He writes songs carefully and gives his all on stage. If you had a choice, would you lock yourself in the studio and stop touring?
No, it’s okay to alternate. I am a significant nomad. One time to write in and record and the other to tour.
Have you always wanted to be a musician?
Yes since childhood. I had a clear vision from the age of 13. I started studying music theory and learned to play the drums. He also painted, painted and played. It was clear to me and I am fulfilling my dream.
How is your dream retirement?
A day of retreat to a place where there are no human footprints. No buildings, no roads, no highways… things that didn’t exist 150 years ago. Walk from a virgin place. No need to go to the Caribbean. You can find it in the valley of Burgos, Catalonia or Galicia.

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