Manuel Valls is left without a seat in his attempt to return to French politics.


The former prime minister did not go to the second round and was the candidate of President Macron’s party La Repubblica en Marcha.

Manuel Valls, in a file photo.
Manuel Valls, in a file photo.EM

former prime minister of france Manuel Wallshas not managed to advance to the second round of elections to obtain a seat in National Assembly French for the 5th constituency which represents residents of Spain, Portugal, Andorra and Monaco.

Walls He was a candidate for the party of French President La Repubblica en Marcha, but the seat is currently undefeated by the Vice-President, Stephen VojettaAs reported by French radio station France Info, who contested the election as an independent.

vojetta He has secured 25.39% of the vote behind the candidate of the New Popular Ecologist and Social Union (NUPES), Renaud Le Bere. Walls He was the third most voted candidate with over 15% of the votes.

“I pay attention to the results of the 5th constituency. First of all I want thank you voters For those who have trusted me, I also welcome the engagement of my deputy, Thierry Bertin. He owes a lot to our good results in Portugal. gracious Tambin a todo mi equipo de campa”, posted Walls on Twitter.

“Discontent and division have sowed confusion. I can’t ignore my result and my candidacy hasn’t convinced me,” Valls acknowledged on Twitter. “The election is the moment of truth,” he has concluded.

Walls He was the Prime Minister during the presidency of francois holland and failed in his attempt to become a candidate for Elseo in the 2017 elections.

In the same year, he expressed his desire to become a candidate for LREM. legislativeBut did not meet the criteria of the then newly created party.

In 2018, he jumped as a candidate for his native country, Spain. Alcalda de Barcelonawhere he formed an alliance with Ciudadanos and won just over 13% of the vote.

He resigned as councilor in 2021 and has been making periodic appearances in life since then. French politicseither as support for or for Republicans in previous regional elections Emmanuel Macron in the president

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