Mara Salmarn voluntarily joined a social gathering center in Seville


Within a maximum period of one week, it will be assessed whether he has been kept in this center or transferred to a conventional prison.

On 7th María Salmarón presented a new resource in the Seville courts to escape prison.John Chicano | EFE
  • mara salmon Victim of abuse: “They put me in prison to protect and honor my daughter’s will”

María Salmerón, sentenced to nine months in prison for not allowing her husband to visit their daughter for sexual violence, voluntarily entered the Center for Social Insertion (CIS) in Seville this morning, the Alcal de The prison is located in Guadara, sources have informed EFE.

His daughter Mary has confirmed Income in the center in their social networks, Saying that his worst nightmare “has come true”and has seen “paralyzed how the doors of that place were locked behind him that, despite the conviction of his abuser, never stepped in”.

“eventually, The man who decided to ruin my mother’s life More than twenty years ago and with whom I share a surname, they have managed to separate us,” says the young woman, who will turn 22 in ten days.

He lamented that “the government representatives and judges involved have allowed it” and that the “equality minister”. (Irene Montero) publicly said ‘we have failed’ Regarding not granting pardon to my mother, but no one has resolved or corrected the said decision”.

To Mara Salmorn’s daughter, Irene Monteiro “is not only responsible for sending my mother to prison”But accusing the media of refusing to pardon some alleged exes for humiliating themselves – without specifying what to tarnish their image – already determined disobedience”, for which he Requested the resignation of the head of equality,

Salmarn was sentenced Nine months in prison and a payment of 3,000 euros in civil liabilitywho paid 24 hours before learning of the judge’s decision to send him to prison, despite the fact that he expected to avoid admission with that action.

At present, according to jail sources, Salmarn spend a few days apart from the rest of the prisoners In compliance with the protocol against covid, and within a maximum period of one week, it will be assessed whether it is in this center or not. Derived from a traditional prisin.

Mara Salmarn is not gone yet Officially qualified to assess your admission at an entry centerSo that it is necessary to study how Article 100.2 of the Atonement Regulations is implemented, which allows flexibility in the classification of prisoners to assess the degree of compliance with their sentences.

The regulation states that the technical team of the prison may propose to the Board of Treatment that a treatment be adopted in respect of each prisoner. performance model in which specific aspects can be combined each of the grades mentioned.

Thus, it may be the case that if the Evaluation Board does not consider that it is conducive to the specific measures, Can be transferred to a conventional prison.

Maria Salmern, Joe have been forgiven many times beforerequested grace again in 2020 after a court in Seville sentenced him to nine months in prison for a continuing offense of grave disobedience of authority with a serious condition of recidivism, and which ruled that he was freed until this resolution. should remain.

time limit for Jail entry ended last Friday, Although he still had several days to enter voluntarily.

Is suspended, Further, that the appeal was filedIn which he requests, as a precautionary measure, the suspension of his prison sentence and the annulment of his record.

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