Mara Sevilla’s ex-husband claims 85,000 euros from Irene Monteiro for “presenting her as an abuser”


He asks to celebrate an act of conciliation before filing suit considering the violation of his right to honor

Ministers of Social Rights and the 2030 Agenda, Ioan Bellara (left) and Equality, Irene Monteiro, respectively, during the session
Irene Monteiro (dcha.) and Ioan Bellara.EFE
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  • east of mara sevilla “They can’t forgive her, even today she says I am the son of the devil and I abuse my son”

María Sevilla’s ex-husband Rafael Marcos – sentenced to two years and four months in prison for child abduction and the former president of the Free Childhood Association pardoned by the government after the loss of custody of his son – demands 85,000 euros Minister, from Irene Monteiro, for Present him as “the abuser of both your son and your former partner.”

This is said in a statement issued by the law firms Arroyo Abogados and Novalex Spain, representing the interests of Marcos, which announced that Han requests the celebration of an act of reconciliation As a condition to be able to file a lawsuit with the leader of Podemos Alleged illegitimate interference with the right to honour.

According to Marcos, who signed the statement, the letter requires Monteiro to acknowledge that the statement made by him at the opening of the new headquarters of the Women’s Institute on May 25 “determines an uncertain and illegal interference” in the right to honor. We do.

Sevilla’s ex-husband assured that the minister had “presented” him as “the abuse of both his son and his former partner” and requested that he be compensated with 85,000 euros and, in addition, “Publish improvements at your own expense and by the same means, including an explicit acknowledgment of the uncertainty of the facts imposed upon them”.

Rafael Marcos, Mar's ex-husband
Rafael Marcos, former husband of Mara Sevilla, president of Infancia Libre.Carlos Daz MartinWorld

Secretary of State for Equality

Within the framework of the statement, it indicates that it has also requested that a reconciliation act be conducted with the Secretary of State for Equality and Gender Violence, ngela Rodríguez, as a condition to trial for the same offense Attributed to Monteiro: illegitimate interference with the right to honour.

Claims of ex-husband of former President of Infancia Libre who claims a compensation of 65,000 euros And he admits that he has “determined an uncertain and an illegitimate interference” in his right to honor him on May 24 and 25 in various media and in the same sense as Monteiro.

alleged slander

As for the thread, he reports that he also demands Work out a reconciliation with journalist Ana Pardo de Vera. In your case, as a condition for filing a complaint for the alleged offense of defamation.

He wants him to recognize that the statement he made on RTVE on May 26, “in which he said he was convicted of sexual abuse and described him as a pedestrian, is uncertain. ” Marcos called the Pardo de Vera. demanded a compensation of 10,000 euros fromAs well as an improvement.

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