Marcelo’s farewell (or not) amid tears and Bell’s absence: “Enzo, get your father out!” , LaLiga Santander 2021


The Brazilian played his last minutes of the year at Bernabeu, although he did not speak to the media and neither Courtois nor Ancelotti confirmed that he was leaving the club. The Welshman did not go to Barnabu. Isco also appreciated.

Marcelo congratulates Bernabé
Marcelo congratulates Barnabu.Rodrigo JimnezoEFE
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Knees on the ground, palms of hands touching the grass and there are some tears in the eyes. so i got marcelo the final whistle of their last home game santiago barnabu, brazilian who signed in 2006debut n 2007 And he is already the player with the most titles in the history of real madrid ,24), the contract expires and does not appear to be renewed. for them from 34, haven’t decided yet whether to hang up your shoes or look for new attractions on Planet Football. His ‘Goodbye’ (or so it seemed) was the most exciting thing Madrid’s final appointment with your hobbies before the trip Parse to dispute champions league final, she more beautiful double aisle that they did camp the league and the champion copa del rey,

Marcelo heard the public applaud during the players’ presentation, when he went outside to warm up to the band and when he jumped on the grass to play last 20 minutes of match, After the duel, he surrendered with all his comrades’ hugs and reciprocal expressions of admiration. Joacun Snchezthat for them from 40 He has renewed for another year with VerdiBlancos. As for Marcelo, the passage of time seems to have forced them to part ways a few years ago, but he has just as much affection for fans as he does. Santa Maria Port His. “To Marcelo we are talking about a myth, a legend of our club, It is normal for people to fall in love with the things he has to offer and the way he is. But now we have a final and we have to focus on that, then we will see”, he announced. butragueo,

,Enzo, get your father out!”, shouted Animation Grandstand enzo alves, Marcelo’s son, 25 minutes after the end of the game and when part of the stand had already left the Bernabeu. baby, from from 12, he noticed them and went into the locker room tunnel to pick up the Madrid captain. A few minutes later, with the seats completely empty, Marcelo jumped back onto the grass to chat. Nacho, Modric and Lucaswho had gone out with their children and their companions.

,i don’t know if he got fired, we only know that the contract expires. He is a legend, hopefully on Saturday we will win another Champions League together”, assured Courtois of Brazil, leaving the door open for a last-minute surprise. Carlo Ancelotti was on the same line: “she hasn’t said goodbye yet, Ruins our captain And it will happen in the final as well. Marcelo has not completely closed the door for a downward renewal and will wait several weeks for an offer from the board.

Already on the horizon, the results of the Champions League final and of course, the future Kian Mappo, ,We don’t talk about players who are not ours, We have a lot of respect for him and PSG. I repeat, the time has come to think about the Champions League,” said Butergio.

Ancelotti: “Everything is clear to me”

Already in a press conference Carlo Ancelotti Make sureall clean“Everything is clear to me,” he declared, before confirming the idea of ​​a game for the starting eleven and the final against Liverpool. David Alaba Duel Brawl Against “It’s Okay” andreds, “Today we didn’t have to take the risk,” he explained.

For the Italian, the key to the season has been that some players “who They have won four champions“They haven’t created a problem” if they don’t play.they never lower their armsThe atmosphere in the locker room has been wonderful.” Furthermore, he praised isco: “Before the match I was just commenting to him that he made his debut in Madrid with me. His contract has expired, he’s had a great career here, it’s been very important. could i do more? of course iBut it has been an important piece”.

Finally, I declare that Gareth Bale “It’s going to be good for the final.” The Welshman was not at the stadium to say goodbye to the fans, but the coach defended him: “it was okay to say goodbye so he wanted to playBut now you have one last chance.”

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