Marcelo’s narration between the tears with an “example” of goodbye and Tar: “I’ve never said this before and I wanted to thank you”


Brazil bids goodbye to Madrid in Valdebebas. “I came as a child and I left as a man.” Florentino praised “their way of being, the imagination and the joy that is essential to achieving the team’s successes”.

Marcelo at the ceremony.
Marcelo at the ceremony.

He debuted in the winter of 2007 at age 18 and moved to the summer of 2022 at age 34. 15 and a half years in which Marcelo Vieira (Ro de Janeiro, 1988) has won 6 leagues, 2 Copas del Rey. , 5 Spanish Super Cups, 5 Champions Leagues, 3 European Super Cups and 4 Club World Cups. 25 successes that make him the most title-winning player in Real Madrid history.

This Monday, the teen who stepped into the Spanish capital long ago said goodbye, though without saying “goodbye.” “Let’s see…”, began the defender, clearly moved, from his first words on the altar, which Madrid had installed in the Ciudad Deportiva de Valdebebas. “I promised myself to speak normally, now I’m over it…”, she unsuccessfully admitted before shedding tears again.

Sitting a few meters apart, his wife Clarice, his sons Enzo and Liam, his brother-in-law and friend Caio, Florentino Pérez, Carlo Ancelotti, Marco Asensio, Dani Carvajal and a group of props with whom he shared more than one. decade and with whom he wished to have a description during his speech. “The props are like family, thanks to all the workers, the security people, the behind the scenes, the dirty workers,” he praised for his inability to stop crying. “We devote ourselves only to playing football, but there is work behind us to do it well for us and I learned it here. Thanks to Madrid for that. We have everything to enjoy”.

A few minutes earlier, Florentino praised the “way of being” of the last captain of the white team. “Fantasy and joy is essential for the team to achieve its successes. A player born to feed the myth of our club. You will always be a great reference to all football fans and to the boys and girls who love you.” I like it.” And they look to you as an example. Thank you on behalf of this entire institution. Real Madrid is your home and always will be”, the head of the Chamartine team thanked him.

Marcelo, who admitted that “waking up every day with joy and pride that my kids see that I’ve been able to achieve this, making history with the best club in the world, had a few words for Ral Gonzalez, who was in the room.” And when the Brazilian captain landed at the Bernabeu, the Madrid captain said. “Resin, you had a great detail with me when I arrived”, he cried, addressing the Castilla coach. “You told me when my son Enzo was born. Taught a lot excess. From there I started looking at you as an example and wanted to follow. I have a very strong example of what you have been. I’ve never said it before and I want to thank you personally”, he ended, while Resin also cried.

It was the most emotional moment of the ceremony, with Marcelo also declaring to his wife Clarice, “I am who I am and everything I am is because of you”, and warned that it would only be “see you later”. “If one day I ask for a ticket and you don’t give it to me, we’ll have a problem,” I joked. “It’s a day of joy, not sadness. I came as a child, I left as a man,” he concluded.

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