Marcos return: dictator’s son will be the new president of the Philippines

  • Election The cramped Duterte era ends in the Philippines

Ferdinand Marcos He fled Manila with his family in 1986 for less than half a million euros in a helicopter laden with 24 gold bars, 413 gems and 27 million Philippine pesos. A popular revolt succeeded in overthrowing a corrupt regime that ransacked the country under martial law and imprisoned, tortured and murdered thousands of Filipino dissidents. Now, 36 years later, the dictator’s son Ferdinand Marcos Jr. and the world’s most notorious shoe fetishist Imelda has won a democratic election and will be the new president of the Philippines.

According to Amnesty International—Marcos Jr., if the late Marcos Sr. marked one of the nation’s darkest times—70,000 prisoners, 34,000 tortured and 3,240 dead, known as Marcos Jr. Wall, has achieved a collective amnesia by rewriting history by presenting the legacy of its mentor as the Golden Years of the Philippines: economic prosperity; infrastructure development; peace and order. All the abuses and thefts reported in the past are nothing but rumors and lies.

The same mantra was repeated over and over again by the army of his followers, who managed to turn the social network into the main electoral arena. There, Bong Bong, 64, walks like no one else. He has avoided going face-to-face with other candidates in televised debates. Also interview. His exhibition focuses on Great video on youtube and tiktok Which has propelled them to stardom in a country where 70% of 110 million residents spend an average of four hours and 15 minutes a day connected to the network.

Nearly 67 million Filipinos were called to vote on Monday to elect a replacement for controversial Rodrigo Duterte, who has reached the end of his six-year term and is constitutionally barred from standing again. Of the dozen candidates who presented themselves in these elections, Marcos Jr., Philippine Federal PartyWith 80% of the votes, won with 60% of the votes. His running mate, Sarah Duterte, the daughter of the outgoing president, also won a landslide victory.

Marcos returned to power with over 25 million votes. A victory that roared loudly, especially in its traditional stronghold, Locos Norte. there is Malkang Palace, the former residence of the President of the Philippines, converted into a family sanctuary where visitors can take photographs with portraits of Ferdinand Marcos and his wife Imelda. Hanging next to a bed, inside Marcos Jr.’s childhood room, is a portrait of a leader wearing a golden crown and riding over the clouds on the back of a white horse. In one hand he is holding the flag of the Philippines. In another, a Bible.

When the Marcos family was flying into exile after ending a bloody and corrupt dictatorship of 20 years, Filipinos stormed the Malkang Palace. In Imelda’s closet she found 15 mink coats, 508 dresses, 888 bags and 1,220 pairs of shoes. -which is now in a museum in Manila-. Photos with all the clothes on went around the world as a symbol of corruption in the Philippines.

Following Ferdinand’s death while in exile in Hawaii, a Pacific Islander court found him responsible for human rights violations and awarded $2 billion from his assets to compensate more than 9,000 Filipinos who accused him of wrongdoing. was sued for Torture, extrajudicial execution and forced disappearance,

Marcos also weaved a philanthropic smokescreen that hid the legacy of the Philippines’ biggest thief: the dictator extorted coffers from the country, cut costs on construction projects, embezzled aid money abroad, and was a warren of Swiss bank accounts. Maintained. For an estimated amount of $10 billion.


Widow and children were allowed to return to the Philippines in 1991, a few years after the death of the patriarch. Since then, they have been gaining political ground in elections. Bongbong serving as governor, congressman and senator, In 2016, he ran for vice president, but lost to human rights lawyer Lenny Robredo, his strongest opponent in the current presidential race.

Launching his candidacy to lead the country, Marcos Jr. promoted “united leadership” to make the Philippines great again. Although he did not openly advocate a return to the dictatorship, the former senator said that “if my father was allowed to continue with his plans, I think we would be like Singapore now.”

His opponents say his victory is due to the fact that his team has managed to touch on the shadow history of his family on social networks, with more than 200 weekly videos featuring the young Filipino in which he Combine everyday scenes with your trio. Children in their twenties. , with much publicity in which he defends the family legacy, claims economic growth when the reality is that the Philippines is still paying off the debt he inherited from the years Marcos Sr. in his attempt to replicate Failed are the economic miracles of Asian neighbors like South Korea and Singapore.

The 1987 Philippine Constitution sought to restore democracy while protecting the interests of political dynasties and prominent elites. The lack of radical reforms meant that the Asian country was still controlled by a very small elite: More than 70% of the elected officials in the country are of old political lineage. In Congress, the ratio has reached over 80%.

“It should come as no surprise that Marcos never served, despite pleading guilty to various criminal charges,” he explains. Richard Javad HedarianResearchers at National Chengchi University and author of a book on populism in the Philippines during the Duterte era.

Imelda, in her skyscraper

Imelda Marcos, 92, who lives in a Manila skyscraper, is appealing her criminal conviction in 2018 for seven separate corruption charges, each carrying a maximum sentence of 11 years in prison. The new president was convicted of tax evasion, yet he has been allowed to run and hold multiple offices over the decades. “Systemic impunity has gone hand-in-hand with the continued online proliferation of propaganda in favor of Marcos, along with the historical whitewashing in the country’s educational institutions,” Hedrian says.

According to Reuters, as president, Marcos will control the Presidential Commission for Good Government (PCGG), which is dedicated to the investigation and recovery of his family’s wealth following looting by the dictatorship. PCGG recovered approximately $5,000 million from Marcos’ fortune, the PCGG president explained, john a heroes, But another 2.4 billion are still embroiled in litigation.

The new chief executive has the authority to appoint PCGG commissioners and the ombudsman, who oversee complaints of corruption against the government. It also elects the governor of the Central Bank, the head of the National Anti-Money Laundering Council and the head of the Anti-Corruption Commission. With the power to move chips in these key positions, many analysts believe Marcos Jr. will try to define what he calls “rumors” about his family’s robbery.

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