Margaret of England, the modern royal who could have stopped Meghan Markle from escaping

The more speculation around Meghan Markle’s impending leap into politics, the more left the Duchess of Sussex, a member of the British royal family and wife of Prince Henry, who is sixth in line to the throne, left. and the more you work for yourself ambitious american dream, Biographers and historians speculate more about what things would have been like if Elizabeth II’s younger sister, Princess Margaret, who died in 2002, had lived.

Before Isabel, stubborn, obedient, organized, intelligent and determined, Margarita was always undisciplined, rebellious, vicious, With a light air that allows him to always look great and attract attention, despite being born in the second category, the misogynistic role that usually marks a man with a precarious personality. The latter, by the way, is something that Prince Henry is well known and the Duke of Edinburgh, Queen Elizabeth’s late husband, experienced as well. “Lilibet is my pride, Margaret my pleasure,” King George VI confessed of his two daughters.

Margaret paved the way

There are enough details in Margarita’s biography to debate whether her rebelliousness opened the door to the successive scandals at Windsor or simply so reluctantly a breath of fresh air. In the documentary ‘Margaret: A Rebel Princess’, its producer Chris Granlund resolves that, If there wasn’t a princess like her, Duchess wouldn’t be Meghan. Divorced, mestizo, with natural and Hollywood glamour, a stark contrast to her sister-in-law Kate Middleton’s regal and impeccable style.

Margarita loved as she wished, violating what was expected of her princely quality and without considering the consequences of leaving the institution. She fell in love with an old man, married and father of three children. She squeezed her second-rate role to allow herself to be enjoyed in a very public way.

With her blue eyes and curvy figure, she began to flirt from a very young age, reducing her skirt length, smoking and returning to party at dawn. His years were wild on the exotic Caribbean island of Mustique, north of Venezuela. There he planted his own special bohemian paradise. She drank, she spent, she enjoyed sex and she bathed naked, But she always demanded that she be treated with the “royal highness” and respect. When he returned to Buckingham, his health was deteriorating.

Lady Di. the mentor

Andrew Morton in his new book ‘Elizabeth and Margaret: Intimacy of the Windsor Sisters’ His tough temper was important to arouse sympathy with Princess Diana, whom he took under his tutelage. He needed to mentor her and guide her into the Labyrinth clan, which became a sort of Guardian angel. She was grateful: “I’ve always loved Margo,” she told Andrew Morton before the breakup. “I love her unconditionally and she’s been amazing to me from day one.”

Pages also records how this extraordinary relationship broke down the day Diana confessed her marital unhappiness in 1995 in a television interview for the BBC. Personality and royal machinery took hold of me.” The queen’s sister was irked by his innocence.

El pr

Prince Charles, Lady Di and Princess Margaret at Windsor Castle in 1985.getty

Seeing herself cheated, she sent him a very hurt letter and became his harshest critic. He advised the Queen to take back her titles, which happened in July 1996, when she was denied her Royal Highness treatment. “Margaret was angry and upset, so much so that after the interview Throw away all the magazines with the picture of Diana on the cover,” writes Morton.

Margaret’s attitude did not soften even after Diana’s death in 1997. Although publicly she followed Tony Blair’s advice to join in mourning, in private she didn’t stop. rave on a collection of flowers Rotting under the windows of Kensington Palace.


The parallels biographers are finding in some events and the life journeys of these women make us wonder what the relationship between Margarita and Meghan would have been like today. Would he have respected? Everything indicates yes. Writer Tom Quinn doesn’t hesitate in one of his recent posts on his ‘Too for Daily’ podcast. “I would have loved him. They totally had the same mold,” he says.

Quinn is convinced that the princess would have helped the rest of the royal family To advance his position in relation to the couple, chosen by Prince Henry. To think whether he could have prevented his exodus from California or his political aspirations is too risky.

Morton, for his part, insists in the new biography of the two sisters that Queen Elizabeth keeps her arms open precisely because of her resemblance to Margarita. “She always wants to protect Harry, partly because he recognizes in Margaret, The system didn’t help except Margaret, a victim, and the Queen learned from past mistakes.”

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