Maria Becerra: “I’m not just a pretty face, I’m the real master of my career”

Mara Besera (Argentina, 2000) A team of five people waits in a room in the center of Madrid. This is the first time that the interpreter has set foot in Spain, however. End of 2021 is one of the most listened female singers on Spotify in our countryOnly Aitana and Colombian Karol G left behind.

A fellow rests on an office table and a makeup artist puts the final touches on her face before starting a marathon of interviews in which journalists will parade one after the other. Hurry last minute commenting with Becerra big one, its producer, arranging a song. You landed at the airport just a few hours ago, but you don’t want to let it go jet lag Close the work of coordinating upcoming releases and promotions.

,I feel like I’m underestimated all the time, Sometimes they tell me that I am a mainstream artist whose songs are written. They also tell me I’m just a pretty face they put on stage And tell me what to do. They are terribly wrong”, he eloquently points out. And he adds: “I am the real boss of my careerIt’s my image and it’s my songs so I like to make decisions about everything.”

EL MUNDO . Mara Becerra in her interview inBernardo DAZ

Urban music that’s made in a mixed bag, confesses that reggaeton is where his real comfort zone is, “I can make one in 20 minutes. I control it a lot,” he says. It’s a style with which he has conquered and continues to explode, but he points out that now Looking for challenges in what would be their second album study, Argentine girl, An album that will come out at the end of the year and in which he has experimented with new rhythms. “Ek guaracha, bachcha, dancehall hai… I think they are great challenges and I have many pending goals. I don’t think I’m good at everything but I tried it, I liked it and it was a good trip“Dice.

His sweet smile mixes with the chivalry of a girl who has been forced to mature enough to deal with constant public exposure.

Although he is only 22 years old, He has been a media personality in Argentina for half a decade, jump to fame as a youtuber When she was still a teenager going to class. On her channel, videos were mixed singing versions of other musicians with makeup tutorials or passages from her holiday experiences. Some images that can still be found online.

As a YouTuber, he worked and was included in all the lists of ‘Most Influential’ in the country. However, in 2019 he decided to drop everything to bet on a career in music. “My mom still can’t believe it because I’m a completely different person when I go on stage. The most outgoing part of Mari comes out, the most scandalous… It’s like my alter ego. Then I’m very, very quiet and I value moments of silence very much.” “Mother’s birthday. Then he always gets angry and tells me how can I manage thousands of people on stage.”

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Buoyed by his previous fame thanks to the Internet, success in Argentina came to him immediately. International wasn’t too hard either thanks Collaborations with artists such as J Balvin, who sponsored him in his debut. together they collaborated q ms pussA theme that didn’t stop ringing at all parties last summer and that, to this day, Over 500 million plays on Spotify alone,

Since then, Mara Becerra has shared singles with countless artists such as raw alejandro hey Becky G, He is accompanied by a Cuban-American in his last song. Camilla Hair,

“It’s all been difficult because a tremendous surge has hit me”Identify. “I’ve been in the industry for two years and I’ve already sung at the Grammys in the USA, they have been such high peaks that Sometimes I think it’s better not to be so aware of everything so as not to flash”be honest.

Argentina Recognize that healing has been fundamental Lived to manage everything. Yes, she says she hasn’t turned to a professional, but she uses her family and two of her best friends when it comes to finding support and a new perspective.

“I do a lot of therapy, I always tell them ‘I feel like this’ or ‘It happens to me’. I don’t know, I try to reflect a lot in and with them. I think a lot about everything and I ask myself a lot of questions.”

In a career whose successes number in the millions, he believes the most complicated thing is growing up professionally in front of cameras. He especially remembers the first time he had to perform live., It was on a television program in front of two million people and they had no previous experience as their peak coincided with the coronavirus pandemic and confinement. “It was overwhelming and I took some harsh criticism because I didn’t do well. They told me I couldn’t sing, that my voice was trembling, that I was too nervous. It’s obvious! I acted for the first time in my life knowing that two million people were watching me on TV. How did you want me?” She protests. “Today I go on stage and it’s like drinking coffee, but it was too hard at the time.”

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He points out that another major change he has to make when it comes to his body has to do with safety. “I feel very insecure about my image being criticized”, when asked how she handles comparisons with other colleagues, she says. “We still have a bad habit of confronting women. And it happens to me, I don’t know, You enter a social network and see a viral tweet where they are comparing you to another and you stop…, but today they can’t tell me anything that moves me a hair, I swear to you,” he says frankly.

and ditched: “I believe in myself, I love my body and I love the way I am, I feel like I’ve worked a lot on self esteem and, although I have had some bad days, I have had a lot of good.

In this era of music fame Got time to bring up some controversies too, Last April, many Argentine media, such as clarn hey la nacinhe echoed that Mexico Haba Forbidden Su Cansin mintmein which he sings Tiny Stosselconsidering that incites violence against women,

In the song he sings: “Come on, lie to me / Do whatever you want with me / Tell me I’m your baby tonight / And tomorrow we’ll be a friend, a friend”,

“I’ve thought about it a lot and it’s so wrong. To say that the song promotes violence is tantamount to saying that wearing a skirt [falda] In short, you are encouraging them to touch you or talk to you. Censorship down the street, as always, falls on the woman, and it doesn’t have to be. mintme It talks about an empowered woman who says: “Do whatever you want with me, but with my consent”. I think that’s where they have to focus on educating men that no one is touched without their consent. And more than just talking about it in Mexico, where there are a lot of macho songs.”,

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