Marijuana enters Madrid assembly: Ms. Madrid defends its legalization and Ayuso attacks her


Manica Garcia’s group defends proposal to regulate cannabis sales this Thursday

Ayuso M.  speaks in the presence of
Ayuso speaks in the presence of Monica Garcia.F. VillariEFE
  • Policy Medical cannabis regularization comes to Congress again

cannabis legalization The confrontation between Ms Madrid and Isabel Diaz Ayuso has opened up a new front. The main opposition party in the Valeques assembly is going to defend a motion no law (PNL) this Thursday on the regulation of marijuana use—not just for medical purposes—to combat the black market, by hindering access to minors. Protecting and guaranteeing their public health by offering a product to adult users that meets all certified quality standards.

On the other hand, the regional president feels that the debate the pleasure of smoking couples And trying to transfer the values ​​to the society and especially to the young people, who, on the contrary, is disappointing them and alienating them from the noble and true causes. The issue of drugs cannot be trivialized and although it is not popular, I intend to fight against it, he assured in an interview on Telecinco yesterday.

In the text of her initiative, Ms Madrid argues ineffectiveness of the current law When it comes to limiting illegal supply and consumption as prohibition is not able to present a single positive indicator. Furthermore, it maintains that regulation must be made for both public health reasons and to protect liberties: criminalization and discrimination must stop if an adult person is determined to be a cannabis user.

Among the perceived benefits of legalization, Monica García’s party points out that it represents an opportunity to create jobs and increase public income and cites a study by the Autonomous University of Barcelona which indicates that 100,000 jobs Generate more tax revenue throughout Spain 3,312 million euros per year, to which the savings in police and judicial costs must be added. But the economic impact goes beyond direct sales (…), the creation of university degrees, research, professional training, fairs, rural tourism, treatments and even a potential export, he explains.

Similarly, Ms Madrid believes legalization could be an opportunity Diversify the harvest and fortify the Spanish countryside, He also believes that for the measure to be effective and fair, it must be comprehensive, because if it only allowed the planting of cannabis seeds for personal consumption, users who could not access it as such would have to Will continue to be accessed through the black market, which he urges to be authorized for sale in social clubs, licensed access points and pharmacies.

Rejection in Congress

NLP, in any case, is basically what it does open an ideological debate In the legislature, since in its own text the regional government is urged to expect the central government to carry out the regulation as it is with the powers. In the Autonomous Community, what is needed is an extension of a study on the economic, social-hygienic and criminal impact that the regulation of cannabis in Madrid will have.

Congress has already rejected a bill presented by More Country in October 2021 to legalize cannabis and its compared to tobacco use, PSOE joined PP and Vox to halt the processing of a regulation promoted by United We Can and its parliamentary partners.

I am totally against drugs And to transfer it to society, and of course, to young people, who are not so harmful, this Wednesday, for his part, assured Ayuso. They ask drug-addicted mothers, that they have asked so many generations in the ’80s and ’90s, when they once again used drugs and what were the consequences, he said.

According to the leader of the PP, one of the main engines of crime is the narcotic, which he defined Authentic machines to destroy life And projects lead to dementia, very serious mental illness, schizophrenia and depression. And he continued: You can’t tell people that drugs don’t matter, that they come, that they’re additions, come on, that bodies are already there.

Madrid’s gesture at the Spanish Observatory of Medicinal Cannabis, but believes it is not appropriate now that a subcommittee is working in Congress to regulate its therapeutic use. The only thing that is done like this is interrupt and mix When it took us seven years to get here, says Carola Perez, its president.

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