Marlaska at the swearing-in of new police officers at the villa after a brawl over 1-O’s “Peoline”, with the slogans of Boo and “Out, out”


The Interior Minister assured that what Pedro Sánchez mentioned about the agents indicated the poor conditions in which the PP kept the agents in Catalonia.

Fernando Grande-Marlasca at the swearing-in ceremony of the new police
Fernando Grande-Marlasca at the swearing-in ceremony of the new police officers at the Villa Academy.resin sanchidrinEFE
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The Interior Minister, Fernando Grande-Marlasca, has reduced the whistling he heard during his speech at the swearing-in ceremony of new police officers this Friday Villa And the “false controversy” about the mention of the tweeter has been attributed to the “shame” of the Popular Party, in which it put agents on boats during the 1-O referendum.

In response to questions from the press at the end of the swearing-in ceremony of the new agents of the basic scale, Grande-Marlaska assures that “he accepts everything” although in his opinion “some whistling and crying” out. “The important thing is that all the applause has silenced those whistles,” he said.

Reiterating what he said at the end of his speech at the police school in Villa, the head of the interior indicated that the applause in the middle of his speech was “but directed at those who granted access to the police force.” is” ..” “Today is his day, it’s his party,” he said in reference to the new agents.

Grande-Marlasca has contrasted the grievances of a segment of the public in the Act at Villa with the words of the Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, about “sending tweets” during the 1-O. “Those are false disputes and I responded immediately”, he remarked, attributing that controversy to PP, who “still feels guilty for the actions he has taken with the police for seven years”.

“We all remember images. Those are some boats port of barcelona Where our men and women, in difficult times when extra efforts and demands were demanded of them, were not treated with the necessary respect that their government should regard them as representatives of Spanish society”, he continued .

The minister compared the situation to boats with pictures of Piolán and other children’s dolls, with the terms of the police equipment already sent with Pedro Sánchez’s government in October 2019, which came with a 1-o sentence. Matches with, where they had “all”. means, comforts and necessities”.

“It’s a shame PP”

“It’s a shame PP, who is still a shame that it doesn’t know how to get rid of: We all saw how it treats our police; I would never allow that,” he said. Concluded recalling the pay hike. An average of 25%” for the Police and Civil Guard or for the recovery of more than 10,000 soldiers.

He said these are recovered policemen, which allows them to perform “special services” of reinforcements such as the reopening of the border. ceuta You Melilla or football final as experienced recently Seville,

The press has asked him about safety equipment for the return of King Emeritus to Spain, of which he has refrained from giving details because of the need to “maintain reserves” for operational reasons. However, he has stated that this is an “exact” deployment, as is the case in other similar circumstances.

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