Marlaska’s cell phone was spied with Pegasus in June and the agriculture minister was the victim of a frustrated hack


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Fernando Grande-Marlasca in a starring role with Tomorrowland Flix Bolaos and Margarita Robles.marshalEFE
  • spy Government dismisses Paz Esteban as director of CNI in order to placate his colleagues for listening to Pegasus
  • reactions The independence movement also demands the head of Robles: “He is in an unstable position”.

Spying on the cell phone of Fernando Grande-Marlaska – the third member of the government attacked by an Israeli program – via Pegasus This happened between June 7 and 26 last year, as this newspaper has been able to confirm from government sources. Further, as per the result of the investigations conducted by National Cryptologic Center (CCN), the amount of information extracted was 6.3 gigabytes and 400 megabytes in two attempts. Pegasus wanted to do the same with the telephone number of the Minister of Agriculture, Luis Planas, but was unsuccessful.

The content or degree of sensitivity of the stolen information has not been exceeded. At the moment, the author of the attack is unknown, which has been linked to the terminals of the government’s President Pedro Sánchez and Defense Minister Margarita Robles.

The country’s top security official last week delivered two mobile phones to the National Intelligence Center (CNI) for study. It was the CCT, which the CNI relied on, the body that analyzed them and found traces of an attack by an Israeli espionage program in a terminal. The transition of his terminal does not match the biggest diplomatic crisis in the middle Spain You Morocco for arrival and welcome logru the leader of polisario front, brahim ghaliWho stayed in the country from 18 April to 1 June 2021.

The information stolen from the interior minister – in two attempts – is three times more than the information obtained from Pedro Sánchez’s terminal. The attack by Marlaska coincides with the time of Margarita Robles’ Mobile.

In addition, an attempt was also made to hack the mobile phone of Luis Planas, Minister of Agriculture and former Ambassador to Morocco, as revealed by the official spokesman, isabelle rodrguez, According to executive sources, the transition could not be carried out.

The government is going to hand these new disclosures from the National Cryptologic Center to the courts, which will expand the complaint filed in the National High Court thatAt first, it only referred to the telephone numbers of Sanchez and Robles.

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