Marta Calvo’s mother, before her alleged murderer’s trial: “I wish she never saw the sunlight again, like my daughter doesn’t see it”


Marta Calvo's mother before the trial of her alleged murderer: "I wish he never see the sunlight again, how could he not see
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house of marisol burn have thoughts sierra calderonaIn a quiet residential area among pine forests of a small town on the banks of RO Palancia, For a long time, he has been looking for the best place in the garden to plant a fruit tree next to it where the ashes of his daughter Marta Calvo will rest. “Because my daughter was life and I want her to continue giving life,” she explains with a smile. Marisol lost her on November 7, 2019, when she was murdered George Ignatius Palma And his body was hidden two and a half years later in a place still unknown. With the duel in suspense, in it he assured that “there is no anger or rage”. Yes, a vacuum remains that, so far, has been translated into force to achieve a legislative change that increases permanent prison terms for those who add to the pain of families by hiding corpses. On Monday, as the jury trial against her daughter’s killer begins, Marisol confesses that she doesn’t know what it must be like to have killed Marta and her daughter in the same manner. Arlene Ramos You Lady Marcella Vargas And tried to do the same with seven other girls who survived their ‘white parties’.

Will you be comforted if you see him ruined?
I will not rest until I have a daughter. I know he stopped him, because we had a hunter on the road. Thanks to the fact that I had his place that night, because he always sent it to me because we had faith, I was able to move and stop it. I always think, Blessed place.
You went there and talked to him before arrest…
His image will never be forgotten. He is personally evil, but the day he opened the door for me, I didn’t know. In fact, as I was leaving I thought “what the hell have I done wrong with this kid”. He said that he did not know who Marta was, that he did not know her. Well educated, well dressed, he looked like a piece of bread that had not broken the plate. I left with that impression and with the uneasiness of not knowing where else to look.

Marisol confesses that she had moved into that house on top of a hill in the small town of Manuel in the interior of Valencia, somewhat disturbed by not knowing anything about her daughter, feeling that something might be wrong. But without any fear. “I was going to send her off, tell her to turn on her cell phone and tell me she’s fine. And then to do whatever she wanted with her life.” But he got unexpected help from a neighbor.

“It was a man who lived across the street and I asked him why he didn’t open the door for me while the lights were on inside. He explained to me the owners of the house and he came with me. It was lucky, because This killer called me in and if I had, I wouldn’t have come out,” Marisol says between sips of her cup of coffee.

Have you seen Jorge Ignacio again or have you tried contacting him?
No, and not for lack of desire. First the researchers mentored me and then Mariano Navarro (psychologist and family spokesperson). I love it and it scares me at the same time, because I don’t want to leave him or say anything. It’s going to be difficult. It would be a slap to put my daughter’s murderer in front of me.
It doesn’t mean where his body is…
He has stolen my duel. Whatever has happened, I am still not mature. I believe the brain is educated to believe when it sees, and I have not seen.

Another meeting Marisol hopes is with the mother of the alleged murderer, Maria Pilar Jacom, who will testify on July 4 and to whom the investigation gives the relevant role. “I want to ask her if she wanted me to contact her if it was her son who was murdered by me. I would call her to admit that my daughter is a murderer and, although I would give her my best Love the soul, I would have offered what that mother needed.

Do you think mom can tell him where Marta is?
I should have asked her not to do any more evil, to tell me where Marta is. But he also did not want me to visit him in jail. to be something. I hope that when I see her testimony and pressure, she can break down and confess the truth of what she did to Marta.
He never believed the version that was cut into pieces and thrown into containers…
No, he didn’t give her time. The house is scrutinized from top to bottom, although it is re-rented. They didn’t find a single trace. They searched the landfill for months and came up with nothing. I say this loud and clear: My daughter Marta was kicked out of where there are more women.

Marisol has never returned to the area “with my husband and my daughter’s dog”, and strongly defends what the accused used that house for. “It’s ten for the traffic and do what you have to do, because it’s remote and in a city without civil guards.” Jorge Ignacio Palma, who does not live in that house, was convicted of drug trafficking and continued to access him for the ‘white parties’ he celebrated with girls he had contact with. was. For all of them, according to the survivors’ account collected in the summary, he offered them cocaine and during a sexual encounter, he inserted cocaine stones of up to 80% purity into their vaginas against their will. Some of these girls recognized the attacker when his image was made public after the murder of Marta Calvo.

Did you follow the same pattern with all of them?
He poisoned them with coca.
Do you know how I contacted your daughter?
I don’t know Maybe through a web page. I guess they didn’t meet the first time, but I don’t know. He has figured out how he could hurt Marta if she were a girl he was attached to and liked a lot. I don’t know how it would be… just that my daughter was very, very generous. And see no evil. He was noble and trusted everyone.
Are you ready to hear about your daughter?
I am ready for everything. What could hurt me more than losing him.
Do you think you will testify?
I think no, I won’t. What is he going to say? I don’t think the popular jury can believe them. There are three deaths and eight survivors that we know of. He made up everything about Marta because he didn’t imagine they were going to connect the dots.
He is isolated from the rest of the prisoners, he doesn’t want to talk…
For now because no one wanted anything to happen to him before the trial. Then, we’ll see how they coexist in prison. I want her to be given a permanent jail sentence and never see the light of day like my daughter.
Have you felt supported in your request to make the sentences stricter?
In June we will return to Congress and it will be overtaken, and it cannot be enforced on that. I got the support of some, not others. Those who defend women’s rights don’t even want to listen to me. Minister Irene Monteiro does not support permanent prison, but if she thinks Jorge Ignacio Palma can be reinstated, he should be taken home with his daughters. I want to ask you if you would like to keep the killer of one of your daughters on the street. Let him explain to me.

Marisol knows that a conviction for the murder of his daughter and the other two women could cost Jorge Ignacio Palma 25 years in prison, “but he will continue to do evil.” In fact, the offenses he is accused of were committed on probation and “with finished papers”. “You know what happens, that it’s a lot cheaper to kill in Spain,” he says. At this point remember the family of Marta del Castillo, who have been in the same position for 13 years. “That time heals. It’s a lie when you don’t go through grieving. It’s for life,” he explains.

Marisol awaits a trial focused on bolstering legislative reform and creating an association with her daughter’s name that advises families who are just like her. And he does it calmly. “At first I wanted to die, go with her, but then something happened to me. I heard my daughter say to me in Valencian, ‘Mom, calm down, I’m fine’. It was not like that. dream or a fantasy and there will be people who don’t believe in me.” But from that moment on I am full of peace and strength because I know this is my way in life. The killer thought Marta was alone and that was his biggest mistake.”

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