Marta case: El Cuoco and his mother sentenced to two years in prison for lying in court


Francisco Javier and Rosala García must also pay 30,000 euros to Marta’s parents for the “undeniable and overt pain” caused by them.

Francisco Javier Garco
Francisco Javier García, aka El Cuco, and his mother, Rosala García, at trial.EFE

Francisco Javier Garca Marn, aka El Cuoco, and his mother, Rosala Garca, have been sentenced to two years in prison for lying after they testified as witnesses in a trial held in late 2011 in which Only Miguel Carcao was convicted and two other suspects were acquitted.

In sentencing, Criminal Judge 7 of Seville sentenced Rosala Inmaculada Garca Marn and her son Francisco Javier Garca Marn to the crime of perjury, and sentenced each of them to two years in prison and a fine of 1,440. Euros, as well as, through civil liability, they jointly and severally indemnify the parents of the murdered young woman with a total of €30,000–15,000 euros for each parent.

The offense of perjury carries a prison sentence of six months to two years and a fine of three to six months, with the judge opting for a prison sentence of two years and a fine of six months. facts and the damage caused by it to the administration of justice”.

As for the compensation determined in favor of the parents, the magistrate confirms that its quantum “responds to the discretionary norms of the judge”, indicating that, in this case, “the damage caused to the parents of the victim by accident” is undeniable.” The deceased Marta DC”, setting up a total compensation of 30,000 euros “taking into account the nature of the facts about which there was a lack of truth and the undeniable and manifest pain of the parents”.

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