Masked ball judge calls on Madrid mayor’s right hand to testify


Matilde García Duarte, the general coordinator of the mayor’s office, must appear in court as a witness.

Mayor of JaviMadrid, Jose
The mayor of Javi Madrid, Jose Luis Martínez-Almeida, in an act of the festival of San Isidro.Xavi Martinez

Head of the Court of Instruction No. 47 of Madrid, adolfo carterhas issued an order this Tuesday where it summons the general coordinator of the mayor of Madrid to testify as a witness because of the pitch of the masks, Matilde Garcia Duarte.

In a car to which EL Mundo had access, the magistrate agrees to perform the due diligence requested by the political parties. We can do it You mas madrid Noting that García Duarte’s testimony is “relevant and useful to the investigation of the case.”

As reflected in the judicial resolution, the mayor’s right hand Jose Luis Martinez-Almeida was the one who provided the aristocracy louis medina Email for contacting City Council and making proposals for medical supplies during the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Carretero will set a date for the statement of the General Coordinator of the Madrid Consistory when this body has responded to a request for information made by the court to clarify that in 2020 there is a general email intended to contribute to material cleanliness to receive the offer. , In the event that it did exist, the instructor wants the Martínez-Alameda City Council to “specify the specific address, in the manner in which it was advertised, as well as contributions from the emails of those investigated to the said address” given. Process.” louis medina and Alberto Luceo”.

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