Matthew McConaughey’s impassioned speech calling for gun limits


The actors went to the White House and asked the political class to put aside their differences and approve real changes to stop the genocide

Matthew McConaughey shows a photo of one of the Nis
Matthew McConaughey shows a photo of one of the girls killed in Uvalde.Ivan Vuccia
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  • armaso New York raises the age of buying an assault rifle from 18 to 21

actor Matthew McConaugheyBirth Uvalde (Texas) And the firearms lord himself went this Tuesday white House Asking the political class to renounce its differences and accept real changes to stop the massacres forever.

McConaughey’s intervention in the White House press room was met with great expectations; But journalists were surprised by the level of detail in his words.

For example, the actor described, in which the small bodies of 19 children were killed. Uvalde Robb Elementary School and because of the level of destruction AR-15 Assault RifleWhich meant that minors could only be identified by DNA testing or clothing identified by their parents.

McConaughey, who was in Uvalde with families last week, told the story Maite Rodriguez10 years old and who wanted to be a marine biologist when she grew up.

The actor recounted and then pointed to the shoes resting on his wife’s lap, saying, “Might was wearing some green Converse sneakers that he pulled over the toes of his right foot as they were meant for nature. represented his love.” Camilla Alves, among the attendees.

“She wore them every day. Converse trainers with hearts on the right toes. They’re the same conversation trainers, on her feet, which turned out to be the only piece of evidence that could identify Might after the shooting,” McConaughey ended with a hoarse voice. trembling more and more.

He clenched a fist on the podium used by a White House spokeswoman to give the press conference and, after clearing his throat, continued to talk about Mitte and the other murdered children.

tell the story of Alithia RamrezThe 10-year-old, who dreamed of studying art in Paris and whose drawing (a self-portrait in which a friend appears in the sky) was shown in front of the cameras by the actor.

“Her mother told me that she had never been told about Heaven before, but somehow she already knew,” said McConaughey, who also spoke of Ramirez’s father, who had just been Got the job and told his daughter every night that I was going to take her. Disney World,

McConaughey Hubble Day eliyana garca, 9 years old and who was preparing to read a passage from the Bible together on Wednesday night; And also remembered Irma Garcia, one of the two teachers killed and whose husband died of a heart attack shortly after the shooting.

“You know what all the parents told Camilla and me? They told us they want their kids’ dreams to last. They want their kids’ dreams to continue, to achieve something after they’re gone. His life matters,” McConaughey pleaded.

hope for a real change

Going from anger and sadness to hope, the actor admitted that a “unique opportunity” To pass laws that make it harder for “bad guys” to hold guns.

He recognized that the United States is more united than politicians and that society demands laws that allow for “responsible” possession of weapons, for example for criminal background checks or rifle seekers aged 18 to 21. increase in age. -Automatic, capable of firing a large number of bullets without loading.

“These are reasonable and practical rules,” argued McConaughey, who believed that those who have weapons in America have “Fed Up” With “Crazy Persons” Abusing the Second Amendment Constitution, which protects the right to keep and bear arms.

McConaughey himself is a gun owner and his position is to increase control over gun ownership, not ban it, a view shared by many Americans.

According to the White House, McConaughey had a brief meeting with the US President on Tuesday, Joe Biden,

The actor has held meetings with several Democratic and Republican lawmakers in Congress over the past two days, including those who are negotiating a bill to increase gun control and who hope to reach an agreement before the end of the election. Let’s hope.

Armed violence is the leading cause of death for people under the age of 18 in the United States, where 18,000 children and teens lose their lives or are injured by gunshots each year, according to the organization Every Town for Gun Safety,

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