Mayor of Vitoria refuses to dedicate a road to Miguel ngel Blanco requested by Foundation and Basque PP


Utrán’s refusal has been described by Carlos Iturgiz as “reprehensible” when finalizing acts of remembrance by ETA commandos on the 25th anniversary of his assassination.

Mayor Gorca Utrán with Florencio Dominguez and Jonan Fernández at the Terrorism Memorial Center in Vitoria.
Mayor Gorca Utrán with Florencio Dominguez and Jonan Fernández at the Terrorism Memorial Center in Vitoria.Arab Press

The mayor of Vitória Gorka Uttarán (PNV) does not want to dedicate a road. Michelangelo White, the Basque PP councilor of Ermua who was kidnapped and murdered by ETA 25 years ago. The mayor of the capital of lava and his councilors do not support the initiative that the party of Carlos Iturguez will defend at the municipal plenary session tomorrow and, at the request of the Miguel ngel Blanco Foundation, recall this victim of ETA to a street or square. In the capital of Euskadi. “It’s a scam,” Iturgiz denounced, highly critical of the Nationalists’ “equitable distance” between ETA’s victims and their killers.

The Basque Country is already preparing acts of tribute to Miguel ngel Blanco, all the victims of ETA, and civil mobilization after the crime committed on July 13, 1997. 25th birthday In the case of crime, Vitoria city council will debate tomorrow a proposal from PP to dedicate a road to the city “to help remember its figure and end the ignorance of the youth”. One proposal, as the spokesperson of PP Ainhoa ​​Domaica recalls, arose after the Blanco Foundation called for municipalities to combat neglect amongst younger generations.

“The Basque Country is an autonomous community with fewer roads and squares dedicated to Michelangelo when it should be the exact opposite”, warned Domica, adding that he would be in charge tomorrow with little chance of proceeding to defend a proposal in Urtaran. and a critique of the PNV’s position.

The PP of Vitória would be supported by six councilors from PSOE, government allies of Utrán, who, however, distanced themselves from the refusal of the Nationalist mayor. EH Bildu and Podemos will also have to assert themselves in an uneasy debate as Arnaldo Otegi’s coalition does not condone violence, although it has councilors from Eusko Alkartasuna in its municipal group.

PNV is set to organize a “unique and distinctive commemoration” for this 25th anniversary only in conjunction with the Blanco Foundation, as it recognizes that “the crime in the fight against ETA marked a before and after.” Historical facts, however, are unknown to the young Spaniards. A report by the Miguel ngel Blanco Foundation found that 60% of young Spaniards do not know who the mayor of the kidnapped PP was and murdered by terrorist group and more than 70% of these claim to know little or nothing about what it means.

The Blanco Foundation, together with the Ermua City Council and the Royal House, finalized an institutional act on 10 July, which will be presided over by the President of the Government of Ermua, King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia. The PP finalizes an act with its president Alberto Nez Feizu at the same weekend in the city of Biscay.

The president of Basque PP Carlos Iturgiz refused to “pass the buck” to the PNV and refused to miss Blanco along a road. “The PNV has no mercy with the suffering of others,” Iturguez stressed on the latest memory of the support given by the Nationalists for an initiative by EH Buildu that questions the National Court’s decision to imprison ETA member Xabier Etristrain. picks up.

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