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Closing out final details of agreement with French striker White team focus on Champions League final

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  • game whispers Mbapp wants a straight flush: optimism in Madrid, “barring catastrophe” and division in PSG booth

a trip to madridto do one more DohaA meeting with your surroundings, a dinner with friends … The world of football. All movements of the Kian Mappo during the last few weeks. A description was sought in each image. A gesture in every video. A hint in every word. Some details are missing, but it’s over. I will decide soonhe said at the French football gala on Sunday. A decision that has so far been long, thoughtful, inflexible and which can be summed up in just two words: real madrid,

He wants to come and we want him to come, in the upper regions of santiago barnabus look at the end of you Champions against him liverpoolThe icing on the cake of an exquisite season, almost unique, but neither does it take its eyes off the final steps of a historical signature, as Cristiano Ronaldo in 2009 For the importance of the player, but suffered greatly, fought and waited for the position of the MBAP PSGsmall doubts around them, their efforts game and the importance of celebrating world cup in Qatar, First Paris and then…., is distilled in chamartini, where optimism reigns and a little mistrust doesn’t disappear. They will not fully believe the signing until they see the French striker dressed in white at the Bernabeu. That would be, if all goes well, during first day of july, But first he must complete the series of events planned by the Madrid board.

at the time of goodbye

PSG will play the last match this Saturday night at 9 pm league 1 In front of him Mets, be in princess’s park And, with the title picked up several days ago, the only focus of the duel will be to see how Mbapp leaves the pitch. The attacker has been a major concern during this season. Do not damage your image in the French public, He has remained silent during all these months, after learning and announcing his intention to leave PSG last summer, even more so in the weeks before the Champions League knockout round against Madrid, and he said a loud word. Other than not wanted to say. everything has been measured and perhaps for that reason, it has been too long for all parts, While Mbapp was silent and Madrid waited, the board of the Paris team tried everything … without success. And this Saturday the Frenchman should play his last match as a local at the Parc de los Pencipes.

The final whistle against Metz will be followed by a farewell. Something in which Mbapp is still working with its environment is evaluating the timing of messages. It ain’t worth it I’m out on the lawnAs the new star of French football for the next decade, size and his image mattered. He himself knows it. My choice is made, but you have to respect all partiessaid in Team, Respect PSG and its fans… and respect Madrid, which Do not communicate anything after May 28, A few weeks earlier, assuming difficulties in the Champions League at Chamorton, he planned other deadlines, but the heroic classification of Ancelotti’s squad for the final forced him to set aside the future to celebrate the present. You don’t want to know anything about everything that isn’t Liverpool. this team deserves itRescue in Valdebebas.

Madrid is not completely

Meanwhile, Mbapp snatches his own Daisy and fuels the rumours. travel with madrid Achraf Hakimi And a few days after the departure of his mother was seen in a famous restaurant in the capital Doha to meet with the board of directors PSG, Some movements have caused some uncertainty other than the white dome and with controversial forward with french federation Because of which image rightsThey didn’t like Barnabu.

In spite of everything, I barbed shell They now work not only on stadium functions, but also on great presentation programs for the French. The barnabu will open and the number of people cristiano in 2009. Madrid announced their signing that June 11, Dates that now appear as the ideal window for the most anticipated statement by white fans, once the joy or sadness for the finals in Paris, have faded away. All in all, always, with the background of someone who doesn’t fully trust Qatar’s stubborn overflow checks and the difficulty of a landmark decision.

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