Mbapp in Madrid: food with Hakimi and thousands of rumours | LaLiga Santander 2021


The French striker traveled to the Spanish capital this Monday and dined at La Castellana. Al-Khelaifi, also in Madrid for the ECA meeting.

Mbapp, this Monday with Achraf.
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“What are you doing here?”, No one had the answer to the most frequently asked question this afternoon Paseo de la Castellana, Kian Mappo appeared in the center of madridfew meters from santiago barnabusTo eat, according tochain coop‘In the restaurant’lawn‘, from dani garca, Got off a car next to the French striker Achraf Hakimiexenterano della real madrid and her best friend in the locker room PSGand spent a few hours inside the compound with the Moroccan defender’s brother and two others.

at the other end of the city, Nasser Al-Khelaifiq had come for wanda metropolitano to hold the next executive meeting of ECAThe union of european clubs, The most wanted footballer and manager by Real Madrid who played . has fought the most against the group of chamartini was presented in capital of spain And they spread all kinds of rumours.

Speaking of idle travel from the player’s environment, he is no more interested than to spend a quiet day with his friends, taking advantage of the fact that the PSG team rests until mircolasBut in the Madrid environment, a rapprochement (and prayer) between all sides is expected to accelerate the signing of Mbapp by the white team.

Top scorers and assists in Ligue 1 Terminate your contract with your club in the next one month 30 June, and has not yet announced a decision about its future. In the highlands of the Burnaboo he is calm, an increasingly tense calm, but calm, aware of what he has done in recent months. in ParseHowever, the pressure to try until the last second to renew your great star is getting stronger. his mother, Faiza LamarikI would have Doha Met the directors of the Paris team a few days ago, and plans to contact Madrid again in the near future.

,There is no agreement with Paris Saint-Germain (Nor with any other club). Discussions about Kylian’s future continue in an atmosphere of great calm so that he can make the best decisions with respect from all sides.” Twitter last Thursday.

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