Mbapp’s mother: “We have signed a deal with Real Madrid and another with PSG”


Faiza Lamari confirmed in an interview with Quora Plus channel that the two offers are identical and only the player’s decision is missing.

MBAP, during PSG training this Friday.EFE
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While the football world is waiting for the decision Kian Mappo about your future, Faiza Lamari, The player’s mother reassured the channel in an interview to vent the mystery bark plus That he has two deals, one with Real Madrid and the other with PSG and now the only thing missing is which footballer to choose.

,We have a deal with Real Madrid and another deal with Parc Saint-GermainAnd the talks are over, now Kian Mbapp has to choose,” said Lamri, who also explained that the two proposals are identical.

,The two offers, one from PSG and one from Real Madrid, are almost identical. In Madrid, my son will have control of his image rights, Now we will wait for his decision… There is not much difference between the two proposals and we are waiting for MBP to see what he wants.”

Faiza Lamri’s statement comes as the Paris player countdown to reveal where he will play next season, once his current contract with PSG expires. The last league match of this season will be against Metz at home this Saturday at 9:00 pm.

Sunday announcement?

news paper Team Assured this Friday that the secret may be revealed on Sunday, hours after the last match of the French league. The newspaper says the date, time and format of the announcement are still under discussion in the French football star’s environment, but the hypothesis that dominates for now is that it is “very likely” that the final decision will be communicated on Sunday.

At the annual gala ceremony of the National Union of Professional Soccer Players, held last Sunday, the player announced that he would communicate his decision before the start of concentration with the French national team on 28 May. Then, receiving the award for the best player in the French league this season, he said his decision was “almost done”. “You’ll find out soon,” he said.

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