Meteorologists warn that a DANA heat wave could end this weekend


Amet’s spokesman, Rubén del Campo, assured that the grains that formed in North Africa and brought the warm air masses to Spain would enable the heat wave to lower the temperature.

A man with an umbrella in front of the beach in Spain
A man with an umbrella in front of the beach in Spain.Jose Kular
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High level isolated depression (DANA) The one that is ripening in the Azores Islands environment is a . will be able to get drop in temperature from Saturday, when it’s scheduled goes to the Iberian PeninsulaHowever “uncertainty remains” because “it is difficult to predict the movement of A”. Grain,

This is explained by a spokesperson for the State Meteorological Agency (amate), Ruben del Campo, who assures that the same grain that is being made in North Africa and who has brought Spain The warm air mass that causes a heat wave in the country is the one that will be able to bring down the temperature.

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From its current position, to the west of the peninsula, Dana “drives these winds from the south, bringing very hot air filled with haze,” explains the expert, who predicted the event. Comes to Spain “from Thursday or Friday”,

“While it is not entirely clear whether it will manage to enter our region,” Del Campo explains, “it looks like it will be successful on Saturday” and in that case, temperatures in the western region will drop earlier. Although they will rise in the east.”

will mark the thermometer on sunday low value In a good part of the country “except the Mediterranean region and the Balearic Islands”, he specifies.

Meteorologists have also warned about this Grain Cause “one of these” heat waves There are records since the first” and for which almost the entire country has experienced extremely high temperatures for these dates, which in some cases—such as Extremadura or the Guadalquivir Valley—have been approached. 43 c.

“During the first half of this week there will be extreme and exceptional temperatures For the month of June, because of exactly one grain that could very soon bring intense storms and chills,” Samuel Byner, an expert in meteorites, said in a statement.

“Only haze and moderate-high clouds may favor some areas of the southwest not reaching such high values,” warns Byner, and explains that “in the extreme north they are warm with mild temperatures and possible rain.” Stay out of the wave.

suppose, la Grain The weather forecast would be over Madeira, and day temperatures would rise even further, reaching 44 °C in Badajoz, Córdoba and Seville “unless the haze prevents it”, while the morning During, in points of the interior and the southern half will not fall below 23-25 ​​C.

“from prevn Unusual prices for mid-June practically all over the country, except the extreme north, canary islands and coastal points”, says Byner, who notes fire risk, because “in addition to very high temperatures, dry storms are expected in many interior areas”.

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