Microsoft allows you to play any purchased XBox game in the cloud


The company will also launch an app for Samsung TVs.

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in the next few months, Microsoft Start offering a new cloud gaming service, but unlike its subscription product, game passThis will allow you to play games purchased directly from the game store. xbox,

This means that users will have access to your titles game library without needing to install them on the machine where they are playing, which includes Mobile phone, PC or tabletAnd without the need to pay a monthly subscription service.

First of all new job only available in certain games, but the idea of Microsoft The list of compatible titles is to be gradually expanded.

This is a significant boost to the service strategy. cloud gamingin which the games run on a remote server and therefore do not require Maquina Local (PC or console) Very powerful.

service game pass already offered this experience as a supplement to game downloads, but this is a limited catalog that changes every month and includes a fixed cost,

other companies, such as Google Or Nvidia also offers the possibility to play purchased games in the cloud without having to install them on the local machine.

In the case of Google, This is only about those purchased within the Stadia service. Nvidia, on the other hand, lets you download the digital store Steam or . Allows linking of libraries epic game store And play pre-purchased titles, with a time limit, if not using a monthly subscription service.

condition of Microsoft This will complement the promotion of demo versions of the game, as well as in the cloud.

Codename Project Moorcroft, Microsoft Creating a platform so developers big and small can publish beta version And be compensated for demos of their games and the time players take to play them.

an app for samsung tv

In addition to this new service, Microsoft Samsung is also preparing an application for televisions that will provide access to the service game pass and games available in the cloud without a subscription, such as Fortnite.

This app allows to play the game remote form Using the remote control connected to the television via Bluetooth and it will be available from next 30th June.

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