Million-euro Senegal aided since 2008 with false registers in four Basque municipalities


ON was arrested on March 21 when he returned from Senegal to control profit collection with 62 false identities

Basque government spokesman Bingan Zupiria worked closely with councilors Tapia and Hurtado in Urdaibai.
Basque government spokesman Bingan Zupiria worked closely with councilors Tapia and Hurtado in open
  • Danger! A Senegal with 62 false identities collected over one million euros in Basque social aid

FeatherThe 41-year-old Senegalese, accused of receiving more than one million euros in social aid, began collecting Basque benefits in 2008. a constant stream of income that was only shortened when its agents were foreign brigade They arrested him on 21 March when he was practically getting off the plane and three days after the National Police arrested one of his associates, FA by natural Cameron, To guarantee the collection of 1,091,416 euros, 62 came to use false identities, 22 used passports, took advantage of fake registrations and forged documents in the four Biscay municipalities to maintain this aid until last March.

ON’s arrest by the National Police ends the biggest fraud in Basque social aid that has been managed since 2012 Basque Employment Service But that was the capacity of the first three provincial councils. In fact, according to information obtained by the Foreigners Brigade, which is part of the Inquisition, the alleged social aid fraudsters began collecting them in April 2008, when they were still provided by social services. vizcaya,

Since then, as EL Mundo announced yesterday, I have not increased the collection of these aides with 62 false identities that Basque Country Granted indefinitely to those who have been registered in the Basque municipality for three years and have documents of lack of income and property.

ON, upon his provisional release awaiting trial, had the cooperation of another 23 people of foreign nationality to guarantee the continuation of his criminal activity. Senegalese citizen obtained fake registration in the cities of Biscay Bilbao, getxo, ureta You santurtzi, 22 with forged passports – photographing their holders with their images as well as fictitious registration and sublease contracts for rooms in rental flats, ON charged each of the alleged recipients 625 euros per month for RGI and another 250 Be sure to charge for Euros. Fake room rent.

The Basque government yesterday refrained from explaining how the continuing fraud of more than one million euros has been permitted. your spokesperson, baingan zupiria It limited itself to ensuring that it is a minority and has permanent control, despite the fact that the contrary is evident. The Basque government does not provide data on fraud and only uses what is called “unfair charges”, which include benefits made to help recipients, are reviewed later. According to statistics from the Basque Employment Service, in 2021 about 10,000 recipients of Basque social assistance did not return the amount that was improperly received.

The Basque government demands the refund of the amount pending reimbursement from these recipients and publishes it if it does not receive a response. Official Gazette of the Basque Country (BOPVA) these claims. The Bulletin of the Basque Country publishes every day a list of social aid files that have not been reported to those who receive aid when attempts have been made to locate them in their homes. Tomorrow, June 7, the order signed by the director of LANBIDE Gloria Sanchez This included 532 failed notifications to recipients of these Basque social benefits.

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