Millionaire and Tik Tok star at 77: Rodolfo Hernandez to play second round in Colombia

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Assess his fortune as a builder of social housing in the nineties. He did not go into the debate as he said that the country cannot be achieved by arguing among the candidates.

Presidential candidate, Rodolfo Herno
Presidential candidate, Rodolfo Hernandez.Mauricio Duenas CastanedaEFE
  • America Populist Hernandez and leftist Petro go to second round in Colombia

He is an outsider, anti-system, a millionaire businessman who did not want to ally with any political party and his only campaign message was front against corrupt

He did not go to the presidential debates because he said that debating between candidates does not give the country and he preferred to do his Facebook Live at the same time as his contenders discussing government programs. He also did not want anyone else’s money to be paid for his election campaign, financed it from his own pocket and insisted on witty and effective messages on the social network TikTok, with which he reached out to the millions of citizens who didn’t know them. ,

At the age of 77, Rodolfo Hernández was convinced he could become president in the same way that, in 2015, Santander was elected mayor of the department’s capital, Bucaramanga. simple and direct messaging Against the corrupt and bureaucratic, which everyone understands. He began by paying his salary as the city’s highest councilor, because, he said, he was already wealthy, as he would with the president’s salary if it expires on June 19.

He is so far away from traditional politics that even in these elections he did not have election witnesses like the rest of the candidates. He was the only one who believed in the cleanliness of the National Registry’s vote counting process at all times and that citizens themselves would defend their votes.

civil engineerA town just fourteen kilometers from the city was born in Pedequesta, which he would later rule. Married and father of four children, You love his fate as a builder of affordable housing in the 1990s. He is estimated to have around a hundred million dollars, most of which has been invested in building the lot. ELN kidnapped their daughter in 2004 Juliana, they demanded a high price for her freedom, but then they stopped contacting and the girl was never heard from again. Despite the tragedy, Hernandez has assured that he is willing to negotiate a peace process with that guerrilla.

One obsession: reduce state spending

He said in an interview that the presidential inauguration ceremony would take place in a small town and would only be attended by his 97-year-old mother, who criticizes him for being involved in the stormy world of politics and the rest of his family. There is no such thing in which public money is wasted. I would do the same with official cars and palace advisors. Leave only the essentials as his passion is to reduce the operating cost of an insatiable and inefficient state that does not address the needs of the poor.

man of strong character and very bad temperWas suspended from the post of mayor for three months for beating former councilor Slap When there was a heated argument between them. The image of aggression went viral on social networks, but that didn’t dampen its popularity, and neither did an interaction with a client whom he hurls all sorts of insults at and threatens to shoot for being a bully. . In a country full of corruption, many common people appreciate the fact that he speaks without saying anything and apologizes if someone gets on his nerves.

Hernández finished his term on the city council with 84% popularity and is confident of repeating his success as head of Colombia. You have already noticed that he goes to bed at seven in the evening (it is already dark at that time in Colombia) and gets up at 4 to start work.

Immutable, authoritarian, determined and a good executor, Rodolfo Hernández has promised to rule by insisting on the poorest. Neither the ideologue Markada nor the party in this parliamentary party, He chose his vice president based on his course and is Ingrid Betancourt, who resigned from her candidacy to support him for a position in his cabinet. Some of his voters cast their vote for him because they fear Gustavo Petro at Casa Narió and are convinced that he is the only one who can defeat him in the elections.

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