Minor convicted of multiple rapes in Burjasot withdraws charges against three detainees but implicates three more youths


The minor victim of alleged gang sexual assault in Valencia in May does not point to the only adult who was arrested last Wednesday.

The five minors were released on May 20.
The five minors were released on May 20.EFE
  • Investigation Clash between judge and prosecutor over double rape of Burjasot girls
  • newspaper library Five minors detained for alleged rape of two girls in Burjasot have been released on probation

This happened in mid-May, coincided in time with another complaint of multiple sexual assaults in Castellón and a few days later, with the approval of a law governing consent in Spain or yes, yes law. The minor also identified five minors and one adult. a, on the 16th An alleged gang rape in the Valencian town of Burzasoto, The five minors were arrested two days later and the judge ordered their release and removal of the minor under their supervision.

The only adult was arrested this Wednesday A brief from the defense submitted yesterday and which EL Mundo had access to, elaborates on the complaint And requests that three of the six people involved do not do so and one of them will be the last prisoner, who has been detained in the police station till date. ancestral (Valencia), waiting to go to court. simultaneously, If the defense request is accepted, three more people will be involved in the process.Of which it is currently unknown whether they are adults or minors.

According to sources consulted by this newspaper, they would be members of the same group of friends and would be from the same neighbourhood. Defense Briefly, represented by Manuela Muoz Schanzes (Vanguard Abogados), it can be read that from the photographic identifications, which were made on the day of the events, once reviewed with time and care, my client shows disagreement with some of them, as in the first question was said on the day. that they were shown the photos, because despite the fact that they expressed insecurity with some identity, these expressions are not collected, therefore, in order not to cause unnecessary pain to those who have nothing to do with it , we proceed to clarify who he is.

it should be remembered that The minor was 12 years old at the time of the incident. And that, a few days later, he turned 13; According to the statements of the same friend who had accompanied him to Burjasot on May 16, two of the five youths, the defendants, LCS and IGG, were excited at the exit of the City of Justice. Valencia, two of them—JVP and JMG—will no longer be condemned by a minor who would have been the victim of multiple rapes by friends and relatives who claimed their innocence on May 20.

The other minor involved in the alleged sexual assault may have been raped, but only one of the people involved. In respect of minor a. There is a medical report that this newspaper has access to that, among other things, refers to back pain and bruises after a recent sexual assault.As well as sexual assault related lumbar ecchymosis

In addition, A. The May 17 emergency room report stated that the cause was sexual assault and that He had been with two people from the Gypsy ethnic group, who later took him to an abandoned house where there were 8 more people from the Gypsy ethnic group., After reaching home, she reports that he first sexually assaulted her friend, managed to escape, and thenYes, they have taken him at his will, along with his arms and legs (…) by 2 different people without using protection, as per the documentation. ,

But yesterday’s letter warns that Victim does not recognize JVP as participant in incidents (Photocomposition 12, Photograph 6), Photograph signed by the minor only and not corroborated by the mother on account of dubious identity. ,Nor does it recognize IFC as a participant., (Photocomposisin 17, photograph 3) [el nico mayor de edad]Photograph which is only signed by the minor and not confirmed by the mother due to doubtful identity. Nor does he recognize JM G as a participant (Photocomposition 9, Photograph 3), Photograph signed only by the minor and not approved by the mother due to dubious identity.

You Next day 16. Recognition cycle is requested for For FC, M. M and D: The defense brief provides three photographs obtained from a public profile where [la menor] s recognizes some of his attackers, most notably FC, MM and D., whose last names we do not know.

“Come on, champion!” This was one of the phrases that were initially heard when the five detained minors were released on probation. Hundreds of people were waiting for them and the National Police agents stationed there were taken by surprise by carrying even one of them on their shoulders. For minors on probation, the alleged victim’s defense “requests detention in a juvenile center for six months, with the possibility of extending it to a further three months.”

Of the five people originally arrested In a statement before the prosecutor’s office, the two minors admitted that the two had sex with the minors, but they had consented., A third assured when he saw what was happening, without running away, and the other two refused to stay in the abandoned house where the alleged attacks took place.

There is also a Juvenile Court order on these minors between 15 and 17 years. The two of them, who respond to the initials L and I, met through the Instagram social network and, although they confirm that the sex they had had was consensual, this exempts them from committing the offense of sexual abuse. When dealing with minors under the age of 16, it is assumed that they cannot give any consent.

Furthermore, it happens that Although the girls’ versions do not match completely, they do match regarding the gang rape of one of them, A., It was the second minor who sent a video via WhatsApp to a third friend in which you can see an abandoned house and hear some sounds. The two minors had come with two identified minors and before more youths arrived, the latter managed to escape.

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