Missile roar, hunger and loneliness in Kramatorsk: “The Russians will be here in two weeks”


After Lyman’s conquest, the army advances to Kramatorsk, a refuge for hundreds of civilians fleeing Sverdonetsk.

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A neighbor walks through the ruins of a building in Kramatorsk.Andrey AndrienkoAP
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“I haven’t taken my medicine for a month. You saved my life.” outside of kramatorskNews that the Russians have taken lyman, 40 kms north, just arrived two hours ago. next target: SlavicThe last exit from Severodnetsk and the gate to kramatorsk, Hundreds of citizens are still stuck between: those who do not want to leave and those who cannot.

“I have Parkinson’s, I am alone and if no one brings me pills, I die. I die.” the hands of Catherine They tremble as tears fall on them. Missiles and artillery roar in the sky while the sirens don’t stop. On the other side of the door, tulips and lilies planted a few weeks ago color the landscape.

A few streets away, near the bombed factory, leuba You valentina They receive a package of diapers with relief. is therefore leubawho cannot get out of bed. The mattress is soaked with urine, the air is impermeable. A bowl of stale soup on the bedside table. In the kitchen, an old stove. “There’s practically no food here. And all you find is the price of gold. Gas has also been missing for weeks.”

Welcome to the hell donbs, “Why am I staying? Because I have to take care of these people.” elena He goes back and forth between the help center and the neighbors’ houses. Who left the key with him? Those who are staying ask him for help in getting food packages.

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“Look what I wrote on Facebook.” He opens his profile on the phone. Blue sad eyes He says that he has diabetes. “I have to treat myself with insulin.” In a lengthy post, she describes the conditions of the homes she has become a custodian of. “Some are destroyed. Others are still standing and I try to keep them alive, I feed the dogs so that they are not dangerous. In one of them I adjusted the flowers so that at least some remains. “

But there aren’t only homes to take care of. A little boy riding a bicycle passes on the road. “He is the son of a friend of mine, he did not want to go with his mother. And now I am keeping an eye on him …”. He hasn’t finished the sentence and another roar shakes the ground. We went with him to his refuge. “I prepared it just in case,” he says proudly. Then he turns to a chair. “We made a hole in it and put a bucket under it. So we also have a bathroom. And we’re willing to stay here for a month if necessary.”

“I don’t care if they’re Russian or Ukrainian, I’m starving here”

In the center, at the station, where 57 people were killed by two missiles when they tried to flee on April 8, there are still traces of explosions on the ground. across the square, Celentano Restaurant Closed. “I used to work as a waiter there, now I take journalists to the fore,” he says. sergey,

A soldier at the post at the entrance of the village asks where are we going. “You are welcome kramatorskIt’s already the front line, don’t you know?” he jokes. For the Russians, way kramatorsk The Dwarves Are Wide, But “See Follows As, Be Here In Weeks”, Prophecy sergey, “I want to go LuganskOn the Russian side.”

A woman in her 70s approaches the car. Tell us to roll down the window. She is very nervous. Why do you want to go to the other side, are you crazy, Grandma? sergey, “I don’t care if they’re Russian or Ukrainian. I’m starving here.”

kramatorskGhost Town, with all shops closed but municipal workers cut down trees “so that at least they have something to do,” he says Alexander Ivanovvolunteers of Tato HubAn NGO that distributes aid. kramatorsk welcomes the last escape from severendonetskthe new one MariupolDue to which the Russians tightened the rope.

“I worry tiopaHe hardly eats anymore.” Anatoly Alexandrovich hugs his tabby cat. He is 75, he arrived this morning and is now about to board the bus that will take him Dnipro, “I had to go or tiopa would not have survived. Ever since my wife died, she has been my companion for the last 16 years.”

they will travel with him Tatiana You svetlana, who support each other. Old women, alone, scared. “We don’t have a house to live in. We stayed even after 2015. We’ve always protested. But not now. It’s too much.”

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