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Amber Alert notification will go live in 25 countries over the next few weeks

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  • interior Alerts of kidnapping of minors will be spread through metro and social networks

Starting this week, Instagram will start showing alerts for missing or kidnapped minors near a user’s location. This is an extension of the notice called . is referred to as Amber (America’s Missing: Broadcast Emergency Response) Although it originated in America in the 90s, it is already established in more than twenty countries.

When a child goes missing and the disappearance is considered high risk (such as in the case of kidnapping), local security forces may issue an alert. For all mobiles in a given region With details of the minor, the kidnapper and the data of the vehicle involved.

In general, mobile phones have an option to receive this type of active alert. omission, although it can be disabled in the configuration options. Now these alerts will also appear within the Instagram app, along with photos if they are present. Its purpose is to attract the attention of users who have other alert systems disabled or who ignore text messages and other notifications. A button within the notice will allow direct contact with the security forces.

Meta will use different flags to determine who sees these alerts, even If the app is not allowed to know the exact location of the mobile, The IP number or city in which the user is registered will be used to determine which alerts he receives.

Facebook has already integrated this function from 2015But now Meta aims to add it to the rest of its social networks. Considering that users spend on average more time on Instagram than on Facebook, alerts could be more useful in this app.

Ember Alert notification will start working In 25 countries in the coming weeks, although Spain is not among them at the moment. Since 2014, the Ministry of the Interior has a similar service called Missing Minor Alert, which is integrated into the European and International Alert Network.

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