Mixed group dissolution in Madrid: a judicial war on the left for influence and a lengthy process


Madrid recovers after a court accepts an appeal for the formation to bring down its municipal group, will go to the prosecutor’s office against Ms. Madrid

Marta Higueres and Rita Mestre in October 2019
Marta Higueres and Rita Mestre in October 2019Bernardo DAZ

The existence of the eight months accumulated by the mixed group of Madrid City Council, made up of three former mayors of Ms. Madrid, can only be acutely understood. Already its formation, in September 2021, sparked controversy over the approval of the legal services of Sibeles Plenary, rejected the appeal filed by the formation led by Rita Mestre and now it is back to the punishment of the dissolution of Madrid justice. .

Its construction had already triggered a judicial war waged by Ms. Madrid and Woakes. Both structures filed a controversial-administrative appeal. Recupera to dissolve a group formed by Madrid’s four councillors, which eventually remained in three following the resignation of Felipe Lamas, and became a key support for the municipal government of José Luis Martínez-Almeida. To approve the Mobility Ordinance, 2022 Budget and Terrace OrdinanceThree major projects during this past year.

On Monday, Madrid’s controversial-Administrative Court No. 30 took another step in this, acknowledging Ms. Madrid’s resource and Requesting dissolution of mixed group for not considering it in accordance with law Since Ms. Madrid, according to the sentence, attended that election appointment [la de mayo de 2019] As a political party, as it had previously been legally constituted and had already acquired its own legal personality with such consideration. Because that’s what Recupera Madrid argued for its split: that Ms. Madrid was not a political party at the time.

Now it’s three mayors who have 15 days to appeal this sentence, because yesterday they already announced what they would do when they act Taking his former municipal group to the prosecutor’s office for illegal financing and forgery of signatures on public documents.

The resource allows the fund to be valuable, demonstrating the supportive nature of the party and therefore the viability of the mixed group, assured yesterday in a statement from Recupera Madrid in which Announces legal action against Ms Madrid for collection of illegal charges and forgery of signatures With recently collected evidence.

And, while the judicial war has broken out, what happens to the mixed group? Since this is a controversial-administrative decision and an appeal is filed, it is usual for a few months to last until almost the end of the legislature in May 2023. Legal sources indicate that Madrid could request executions, but it would be a remote possibility that the judge would proceed to the immediate dissolution Because the damage would be more serious if it had to be reversed if the new appeal was successful.

This would prolong the lives of José Manuel Calvo, Luis Cuato and Marta Higueres to form their own municipal group, as has been the case for the past eight months, where they finally took on major projects as fundamental support for the municipal government. has presented itself. Legislature after approval of municipal legal services.

It is up to them that the municipal corporation, which must pay the cost of the process when the sentence is final, will go back to decide whether to appeal it. Mrs. Mestre should get into the habit of making decisions without taking into account the legal services in the previous government. The decision to appeal does not conform to the mayor, it corresponds to the legal services Based on what they determine about the content of the sentence. It is not a question, it is a technical question and we are going to follow the determination of our legal services, the mayor of the capital, Jose Luis Martínez Almeida, told yesterday after the opening of the Madrid Gastrofestival.

These statements by Almeida respond to previous statements in which Rita Mestre said that the case makes it very clear that Alderman promoted and encouraged transfuguism for his personal interests and In which he asked him not to take recourse and stop spending public money on his personal expenses.

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