Mobile apps to make your life easier

With the imminent and undeniable immersion of technology in our lives, it is not surprising that we want to be in our a mobile phone downloaded something application make our life easier.

In fact, in our day-to-day many things happen in our minds both at work and at home, and applications such as perception hey Evernote They give us the keys we need to carry our organization From mobile phone without any burden. or like mindfulness tools and exile Which improve our mental and physical health.

About moda (and as I’m sure you already know some) We have many applications available from which we can buy and Sell To enter the second hand clothing market which is gaining so much success recently and also, save our Ticket Buy safely so as not to lose them (which, as we know, is very infuriating).

Fashion Application:

communal changing room

s. the luxury ofsecond hand One of the largest growing segment with respect to fashion and the Vestiaire Collective application, a leader in this, allows us to sell and comprar luxury at affordable prices affordable,

I was born in 2009 with the idea of ​​making a point meeting between buyers and sellers in which the application itself acts as mediator,


application GetThere is an application which is available for both Android and iOS free that allows you to save Ticket You invoice All your purchases using QR code.

It’s very useful to be able to store all our tickets on a single platform and not have to worry about Harm from Ink of them due to the passage of time or directly, so that not lose them,

Applications on sports, health and emotional wellness

nike training

Heat Mobile application is just around the corner and if you want to take care of yourself but don’t have time to join the gym Nike Training ClubWith over 200 sessions and free exclusive training programs Measure,

From yoga classes to cardio exercises that you can do from home without traveling. Also you can get advicetrack your runs and TrainingYou contact With the entire Nike member community.

nike training


packfika is an innovative application to control stress by controlling breathing which recommends the technologies to the users restIn addition to monitoring their feelings.

Plus, it allows you to record thinking who rises in difficult moments and counts how many were negative and how many Positive, And it has Daily Habits Monitor. it can be downloaded as free There is also a paid version available with more functions Unlimited,


There is an application for Flo’s calendar ovulationtracking menstruation And this pregnancy, their team of scientists, doctors and health specialist Create evidence-based content you can trust.


the creator Natalie Horgan of application happybased on the study of Behaviour Proposes to have a positive attitude on a day to day basis through the techniques of social human Care Y Mindfulness.

User can capture and share moments in the community happy, In addition, on the website you can find free courses On videos and articles on positive thinking in various fields.


Be a part of your community from day one enjoy you will have different systems Training tailored to your goals, challenges, motivations and Care what do you need.

there are different Fertilizer Flat rate at large sports complexes with a full schedule.

ex boyfriend blocker

It is a very simple application to publish and its main purpose is not to put yourself in contact with one person, exclusively and as specified by the App itself, with you Ex-boyfriend,

As soon as you enter, it will ask for your ex’s number and three contacts from friend Who will be the guardian to stop this omission,

If this slip occurs, the application immediately publishes a message Facebook He says: “I want everyone to know that I am DBIL, even though my dear friend they tried to Help meI did not protest and my . called to Ex-boyfriend,

application to organization


perception It’s a tool with which we can systematic Documents, databases, audio-visual materials, notes, meetings or calendars of a single event. Also, it allows To share Any page in the workspace with other tools and a few templates available for you to use.

Also, with your version free we will have many Advantages And we can make the most of it.


Evernote is an application that allows you to work from anywhere while keeping important information at your fingertips and synchronized All our equipment. it allows save Notes, Tasks and Agenda and connect it to Google Calendar.

Evernote also has a version companies, It promotes the shared use of both Books Notes and corporate documents.

entertainment apps


unfold provides users template To personalize images or videos for social networks. allows you to create templates and your own Story layouts and upload them later.

In addition, it allows create stories related to each other by creating different images Albums and includes support for boomerangs and Video,



Shazam is a mobile application that includes a service that allows the identification of music Taking advantage of the microphone included in the mobile phone.


Allows the user to manage reading lists material a. Retrieved from the Internet by storing in Cloud to read later.

Also, it is possible to align For items in articles, videos and reviews.

Application to control expenses


Gives possibility to move splitwise bead Up to date with our flatmates, friends or partners. they can be distributed Expense between two or more people, but also pay attention to whether someone owes us something. Pennies,

free application that allows Create Multiple Expense Lists And it can be viewed both from web, mobile phone or even your Apple watch.

transportation applications

applicationin free now

With the Free Now app, formerly known as mytaxiyou can ask for one the cab anytime from your mobile phone. Book your taxi immediately or up to 4 days in advance and pay comfortably through the application with credit card or PayPal.

l parking

Elparking, completely free, is a tool that allows you to pay parking meter from blue field and electronic tolls, in addition to being able to extend the time of ParkingPayment and cancellation of complaints from mobile.

Application to trace people


is hard hearing aid free family to watch place through your family a technical bracelet that autonomously, without the need to carry a mobile phone, facilitates the location of the person wearing it.

can you adri To, all relatives what you want so that they can take care The person who wears the watch at no extra cost.

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