Monclo is inspired by the pacts for his first face-off with Feijo Sanchez: “Prevent the political class from becoming a burden”


He illustrates his parliamentary question with a picture of the 1977 economic agreements. “That image summarizes the vision of the new phase of consensus that we want to open”, he says in Gnova.

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Alberto Nez Feijo has a habit of accompanying his speeches with a photo as a cover. It’s an image that sets the tone for what you want to convey. For example, at the stop for his campaign to become president of the PP in Madrid, there was a snapshot of the pages he had prepared. ayuso You almida As in “Electoral Tandem”. Because what Feijo wanted to fix was team spirit, broken by internal warfare Paul Married and the president from Madrid.

In fact, Congress pp de madrid The photo was already of Feijo next to the Baroness, which in itself was a recognition of the closure of the crisis. Other days the cover image is himself promising his position, or already working in his new parliamentary office, to give two recent examples. It is always about summarizing at a glance what you want to convey in your speech. The old cliché that an image has more than a thousand words effect serves almost as a mnemonic rule so as not to distract the dialectic shot.

That’s why the new president of PP chose an iconic photo for his address to the Senate this Tuesday Agreement of La Moncloain October 1977. Felipe Gonzalez, Adolfo Suarez appear in it, manual frag, Leopoldo Calvo Sotello, Enrique Tierno Galvin, santiago carrillo, Mikel Roca, Jose Mara Triginer, Joan Ravents You Juan de Azuriaguera, He had entered into an agreement with leaders of other parties to promote it. Transicin and allowing an agreed exit from the crisis caused by the inflationary spiral caused by the price of oil.

On the cover of the document “Notes to the President”, and under the photo, the first question to be asked of Feijo Sánchez in a Senate control session reads: “Does the government the President believes is up to his executive function?” Spanish families in need? The rest of the page, attached with a clip, breaks down the strategy of the leader of the main opposition party, who seeks to take the economic management conflict into his sphere, with particular emphasis on the inflation spiral that Spain, A calamity that is certainly not as worrisome as 1977, but it has set off all alarms.

Then IPC had reached 26.3% and now it has gone up to 8.7%. The situation is very different, but the objective pursued by FEIZO is the same: a transverse economic settlement and beyond the acronym. “In this context, that image summarizes the philosophy of the new phase we wish to open in politics. A phase of educated dissonance, a search for consensus in a country that needs a political class that inspires it.” does, which ceases to be ballast”, explain the Gnova sources consulted by the symbolism of the chosen image. “The Monclaw Treaty brought together people of different nature and circumstances, but they knew how to overcome those differences in search of agreements useful to the common interests,” he says.

In 1977, the agreement joined union, Employer You bank of spain, “It was the great test of political consensus,” wrote Javier Redondo in this diary. economic vice president Enrique Fuentes Quintana, he stressed that decisions should be supported and negotiated by all parties in order to give them legitimacy and, above all, continuity. Therefore, the Moncloa Treaty was not a series of measures to deal with the recession; Includes a project to improve the labor market, social security or health. “Besides their symbolic effects, the Treaty of Moncloe laid the foundation for a modern social state,” Redondo summarized.

That’s what Feijo wants to stage now: “A high-level policy for turbulent times. It was then, I wish it were from now,” as they settle into their environment.

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