Monica Oltra and her ex-husband continue to be registered at the same address during a parallel investigation opened by Consularia


The Riba-Rosa city council sends a certificate of registration to the judge stating that Ramárez Icardi was registered in the Vice President’s house from 2010 to April 2018.

Vice-Chairman of the Council, M.
Manika Oltra, Vice President of Consel in Parliament.Courts
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  • defending Mnica Oltra’s defense describes the judge’s arguments as “mere speculation”.

manika oltra and her ex-husband was registered at the same address during all the months in which equality council The parallel investigation elaborated on which the vice president of the Valencian government could be charged. It is certified by the city council riba-red Responding to a request made by the Court of Instruction No. 15 last March during the investigation of the Management carried out by the Administration following a complaint of a minor under guardianship of misbehavior by a former companion of the Minister.

Ramrez Icardi His official address was at Oltra’s home from May 2010 to April 2018. So, when the minor first reported the abuse in February 2017, and until eight months after that, the leader of the comprom knew it was their residence. That he was being investigated, something that happened through a judicial notification on 4 August, as he himself admitted to Parliament. At the time, Equality, despite having learned of the opening of criminal proceedings, processed an “informational file” that concluded the minor was not credible and was terminated in November 2017.

Who ordered the preparation of the report when the prosecutor’s office was already investigating – a “parallel investigation” in the words of the Valencia Court – is the main reason why the instructor asked the TSJ to hear Oltra as an investigation. asked for. The decision of the Civil and Criminal Chamber is expected in the coming weeks and may have an impact on the government. zimo puigo,

Sources in the Vice President’s environment say that, despite appearing at the census, the couple’s cohabitation ended long ago, so Oltra had no idea of ​​her former partner’s status until the court summons. On 4 August, Joe arrived at the same address in Riba. -Roza.

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