Monica Oltra asks to appear for abuse management with her ex-husband to avoid being charged


The vice president, who has hired two criminal attorneys, requests to be a party to argue his investigation before the Chamber’s rules.

Vice President Oltra, in session
Vice President Oltra at the plenary session of Cortés.EFE
  • Etiquette Oltra’s counselor violates her own protocol by abusing her ex-husband
  • Complaint PP contributes to the cause that protocol was violated by not condoning the misbehavior of the ex-husband

manika oltra The first legal step is taken before the Civil and Criminal Chamber of the Superior Court of Justice of the Valencian Community, which will have to decide on the request of his charge to manage the case. Sexual Exploitation to a minor under guardianship, for which her ex-husband was convicted. The Vice-President has requested his presence in the matter through a letter signed on 4 May before the Chamber’s Rules.

Oltra has hired two criminal lawyers, daniel fuckin You Miguel Ferrer, to direct his defense in a matter which may have a great impact on his political career. Its purpose is to gain access to all the instructions followed since last February by the magistrate in court number 15 of Valencia. Vincent Rosso With dual purpose. On the one hand, to formulate the arguments that will be sent to the High Court when the parties are provided with a proper hearing procedure, and on the other, to study the possibility of sending the court a summary of the arguments made by the instructor. In a reasoned statement requesting the Vice President’s inquiry.

Otra joins the cause, as the Popular Party may do in the days to come, as announced by its General Secretary and Trustees in the Courts, Maria Jose Catalla,

according to the norms of

trust project

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