Monica Oltra, two and a half years in political and judicial headlines for the abuse of a ward of her ex-husband


The conviction of her former partner in December 2019 and two legal proceedings against officers and herself have led her to TSJ. delivered to

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Vice President Manika Oltra in Parliament.R Solsonaep

Monica Oltra has focused political and judicial attention on her figure since September 2019, when her ex-husband, Luis Ramirez Icardi first sitting on a bench for trial for an offense Sexual Exploitation Committed on a minor under the age of 14 in the guardianship of the Generalitat between the end of 2016 and February 2017. Two months later, in December 2019, she was sentenced to five years in prison, but the alleged responsibility of the Equality Department did not come to light until some time later.

In March 2021, the Vice President assured that “the ministry has not been tried in the process against the teacher, but a case of sexual abuse.” The investigation into the actions of the Ministry of Equality, which has led to the indictment of Oltra himself, began two months later and through two separate routes.

The abused girl, now of legal age and represented by a lawyer and leader of the far-right party Espa 2000, Joseph Louis Robert– Filed in May 2021, a complaint was filed before the Court of Instruction 15 of Valencia against the psychologist, the Regional Director of the Ministry of Equality, the Director of the Reception Center, for the alleged offense of omission and omission of the duty of guard and custody. The minor’s section and the officer directed the informational file which concluded that the girl’s account was not credible. At the time, the sentence that sentenced the vice president’s ex-husband to five years in prison was appealed before the TSJ and both the prosecutor’s office and the judge opted for provisional dismissal in October 2021.

In parallel, the association rules-teVox. headed by the former leader of Christina Segu, filed complaints against Oltra and eight other officers at the TSJ for alleged offenses of cover-up and obstruction of justice, embezzlement of public funds and embezzlement. In that complaint, he assured that the ministry tried to hide the teacher because he was the vice president’s ex-husband.

The Civil and Criminal Chamber, then composed of two magistrates who have heard the case again, Respondent Anthony Ferrer y pre-fiscal anticorpusin Vincent Torres, dismissed the complaint that in June 2021 because “no objective evidence was provided” at the time that Oltra ordered any of the other defendants “to take action” aimed at protecting Luis Ramárez Icardi. could have given”. However, he “fully justified the initiation of a criminal investigation” and did not deny that the facts were presented as “clearly suspicious”, but pointed out that the court had to analyze them and Should be highlighting the “concrete elements”. Vice President’s Responsibilities

In parallel, the minor’s defense appealed before the fourth section of the dismissal. court of valenciawhich ordered the reopening of the investigation with a dismantled car in December 15 in order to re-open the investigation with a dismantled car stating that in 2017 four officers who became aware of the misbehavior waived their duty of reporting and their duty of custody and “Instead, they victimized the girl, defamed her” and “conducted a sort of legal investigation that they did not inform” minors inspector with the sole object of deactivating the complaint”, elaborated the Court.

The two cases then converged on an investigation by Judge Vicente Rios, which concluded with the indictment of five officers and other senior officials and a request from the TSJ to investigate Vice President Oltra, which it has accepted today.

The Vice President is thus faced with the decision that, on several occasions in the Valencian Parliament, he has appealed to his political rivals implicated in court. Specifically in 2010 he told the former president francisco camp: “The day I see myself like you, maligned, mired in all possible lies and more, I feel the laughing stock of the whole of Spain and appear more in comedians’ vignettes than in the news, I’m home would go”. However, in recent months he has always defended that his cause has nothing to do with corruption and that it is “a political victimization by excessive authority.” In fact, in Cortés he showed a photograph of the camps himself, the businessman Alberto de Rosa, the manager of Ribera Salud and brother of the senator and former minister of the camp Fernando de Rosa, and the complainant Cristina Segu. “Follow the trail of money, which leads us on the path of the rose. What do they have in common? Victim against me,” he assured.

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