Monkeypox: As monkeypox breaks all plans about the disease in Europe

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A study analyzing British cases urges international cooperation to prevent transmission and the appearance of new infections

Travelers coming from abroad are screened for detection from toilets
Health workers screen passengers arriving from abroad for symptoms of infection at the Anna International Airport terminal in Chennai, India.ARUN SANKARAFP

First published study on outbreak Confirmed community transmission of the majority of confirmed cases, apart from confirmed monkeypox in the UK Prevalence in homosexual environmentsreveal gap in origin and because of that transfer and confirms that the eradication of the disease in Europe A “joint international effort” is needed.

“The current outbreak signals a shift in basic assumptions about the epidemiology of monkeypox virus with profound implications for surveillance and control,” warn the authors of the research published in Eurosurveillance,

some twenty researchers associated with National Health and Safety Agency UKHSAUniversities and British public health institutions sign the report, which presents as spokesman Roberto Vivancos, a graduate in medicine from the University of Oviedo, an honorary professor at the University of Liverpool and an expert in epidemiology.

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The investigation remains open and at this initial stage, 86 confirmed cases addressed (one in Scotland and the rest in England) till 25 May. By June 2, zoonotic infections had spread overall 225 people confirmed in the UK (214 in England, eight in Scotland, two in Northern Ireland and one in Wales).

Scientist Divide the studied cases into three “signature events”, which raised the alarm on May 7, 12 and 5. The first did not raise serious concerns: it is a isolated case imported from Nigeriabecame endemic for monkeypox, which did not spread the infection to the 116 contacts identified until three weeks later.

in moment, Three members of the same household were found positive or fell ill, giving no clear travel link and no source of infection has been traced. The third and most worrying incident Beginning with the detection of four men infected in EnglandIncluding a sexual partner who has no previous cases and no travel links to endemic countries.

The history of AIDS, HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases in infected people was reviewed, although the findings of this line of research have not been published.

,data were preliminary or incomplete“, justify the co-authors who identify other gaps in knowledge and understanding of monkeypox virus outbreaks in Europe. Among them, Underline the role of sexual acts in the spread of the current outbreak And they question “can this be explained as cutaneous, respiratory or sexual transmission”.

Vivancos and his team point to Difficulty extracting information in this area. Of the 82 cases found in the third category in England, it is known that at least 79 are male and the majority (83%) identify as gay or bisexual. “Many refused to share details of their sexual contacts or reported multiple anonymous contacts, such as in dark rooms and flirtatious areas,” he explains.

The report also shows that Of this affected group, 18 had recently visited non-African countries, in general terms transmission community wasAn average of four infections per case and up to a maximum of 25 among members of a household, co-workers, friends, sexual partners and healthcare workers.

Researchers find linkSexual establishments, private parties, dating apps, both in the UK and abroad“To date, no single factor or risk has been determined linking the identified cases,” concludes the report.

Investigation Approved vaccine against smallpox exposes low level of approval (Imvanex) among middle- and high-risk populations. As of May 24, it had been administered to 14% of both groups and to 69% of healthcare workers in close contact.

,Increased vaccination is necessary if global outbreak cannot be controlled quickly“, maintain co-authors. Vivancos and his colleagues support the goal of eradicating the virus, but warn that “success in public health requires a concerted international effort.”

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