Monkeypox cases in the Madrid community still stand at 30 and the number of suspects has risen to 45 . has occurred


Health officials continue to look for ‘patient zero’ of pandemic outbreak

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community of madrid continues with 30 positive cases per prc monkeypox or monkeypox and an increase of 45 people under study in this area, as reported first in the morning by the Minister of Health, Enrique Ruiz-Escudero,

Before attending the informative breakfast of the President of community of madrid, Isabelle Diaz AyusoThe head of Madrid’s health department explained that testing is always requested “in case of doubt”, so suspected cases will gradually increase but he recalled that at this time tested cases do not test positive at the same rate as in the beginning. .

In this regard he indicated that general directorate of public health Epidemiological surveillance continues with work as it is “essential” to achieve “in every possible way” the traceability of cases and cutting the chain of transmission “which is essential at this early moment”.

In this sense, he stressed that health officials continue to work to trace ‘patient zero’ with the aim of tracing his contacts. At the moment, a sauna in the capital that has already been sealed is one of two outbreaks registered in the community.

Focus on a Private Party in the Canary Islands

In this framework, cases found in the region may be concerned with a possible focus on a private party held in that region. canary islands, At the moment, in Spain it tops the European level with 30 positive people, all of them in the region, and more than fifty suspects in eight autonomous communities.

“It is necessary to give great importance to the dynamics of those links of infection and to establish those links. Sometimes it is not easy to establish what those links are”, indicated the counselor, who has stressed to the community that this Not ruled Madrid had “any other way of entry” of “monkeypox” other than the sauna.

Along these lines, he stressed that the work is now focused on epidemiological surveillance and trying to establish the origin “and establish strategy from there.” “What is left for the teams to work with is the epidemiological survey,” he insisted.

community of madrid The first eight positive cases were detected after the alert of United Kingdom According to the counselor, the first cases of monkeypox were detected on May 15, thus acting “very quickly”.

Thus, he stressed the importance of locating “patient zero, if possible, and establishing paths from there”. “It may seem like this work is silent but it is important at the moment,” Escudero insisted, “the key is how patient zero was mobilized.” “If it ended up in Madrid, it’s the one with the most cases. If patient zero traveled to London, it would have been London,” he explained.

“Epidemiology more than social concern”

In any case, with regard to the spread of the virus, he has indicated that “there is more of an epidemiological concern than a social concern.” Monkeypox is an eradicable disease and, because of its transmission routes, “does not cause concern in the same way as COVID-19which is on the mind of all of us”.

In the case of territory, all confirmed males are males who have had sex with males. Transmission has occurred by very close contact through mucous membranes during intercourse.

“Epidemiological concern as there should be, but given the profile of patients, route of infection and number of cases, the situation is somewhat calm,” he insisted.

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