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The outbreak is not related to the bio-terrorist attack nor is it related to the anti-covid vaccine

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As with COVID-19, or childhood hepatitis of unknown origin, the recent international outbreak of monkeypox has also raised a wave of hoaxes, misinformation and conspiracy theories.

All kinds of ‘fake news’ are being circulated about this disease of animal origin. The first human cases were described in the 1970s.,

One of the most widespread fraud is the one that spreads the outbreak to a . relates to bio terrorist attack, “They point out that when the evidence suggests that the pathogen has been genetically modified, this is not the case,” explains Nacho de Blas, a specialist in veterinary epidemiology and professor in the Department of Animal Pathology at the University of Zaragoza.

As de Blas makes clear, this conspiracy theory stems from the fact that, in 2021, a security conference which simulated what would happen in the event of a bioterrorist attack with genetically modified monkeypox. ,These types of simulations are usually done with potential pathogens, to improve pandemic preparedness”, Understand. “It is coincidental that this outbreak with monkeypox happened later.”

The organizers of the Munich Security Conference have issued a statementDenying that the simulation, fictional, has nothing to do with the recent outbreak,

“One exercise was designed around a hypothetical scenario showing a global pandemic involving an unusual strain of monkeys emerging in the fictional nation of Brenia and subsequently spreading globally,” he explains. This simulation, the text continues, was the third in a series designed to “draw attention to an urgent need”. promote biosecurity and worldwide pandemic preparedness.

These types of exercises are “often used by a variety of professionals”. Anticipate what could happen in the worst case“And it’s common to use already known pathogens with epidemic potential in them.

“The fact that many countries are currently experiencing outbreaks of monkeypox it’s purely a coincidence“, underlines the statement, which also emphasizes that what is currently happening has nothing to do with the imagery proposed in simulations, where the modified pathogen was more transmissible and dangerous and caused millions of deaths. Cause it

There are also a lot of hoaxes spreading which associate the outbreak with vaccination against covidSpecifically with the AstraZeneca product, which uses a chimpanzee adenovirus as a vector. Neither this theory is true nor does it have any scientific backing.,

first, monkeypox This is a zoonosis that has been known for decades.This is not a new disease that has just emerged. The pathogen was first identified in monkeys in the 1950s and since the 1970s, when the first human case was described, human infections have been reported.

Also, it is important to note that, although it is called monkeypox, Pathogen stores are not as large as in apes like chimpanzeesBut it is in rodents where the virus usually spreads as evidenced.

As if this was not enough, the virus responsible for the disease is a orthopoxvirusfamily poxviridae, which has nothing to do with adenovirus. simultaneously, adenoviral vectors They are commonly used in vaccines and other biosanitary processes. It is widely proven that they are safe and do not cause infection.

Other ‘fake news’ that have spread as a result of the appearance of the outbreak link the disease to a homosexual group.

However, as I recently recalled Garcia Apothecary In its general section in this newsletter, “We are all susceptible to infection if the appropriate conditions are met, regardless of our sexual orientation.

“Is Disease spread through close contact, through body fluids and also from respiratory secretions or skin lesions. Therefore, although having sex with an infected person is a possible way infectionis not the only one nor is it limited to certain practices.

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