Monteiro claims he has implemented the biggest tax cut in a democracy with his measures on electricity


The finance minister estimates the effect would be 12,000 million euros if the action is extended until December. He says it is “the most significant reduction ever made by any government”.

Finance Minister, Maru
Minister of Finance, Maria Jess Monteiro.Europa Press

Biggest tax cut in a democracy, No government has ever done this before. Thus the Minister of Finance, María Jess Monteiro, defines the tax cut by her ministry and, therefore, the executive of Pedro Sánchez, applied to the electricity bill.

“We are talking about 7,000 million as of June 30, which have stopped entering the public treasury. And if the measure is extended until the end of the year, we are talking about 12,000 million. I would say that This is the most significant tax cut by any government till date., We are not talking about an adjustment measure. We are talking about a measure with a very significant impact,” Monteiro said before participating in the presentation of the Medal of Solidarity with Ukraine, produced at the National Currency and Stamp Factory.

The minister responded in this way when asked about the possibility of lowering the personal income tax rate among its lowest classes, which was proposed by the PP and which, yesterday, former socialist minister Jordi Sevilla said would be implemented. would be convenient to do. Monteiro has once again completely ruled out this option.

“It’s as good as we believe we can fight inflation [con la rebaja sobre la factura de la luz], as well as with a gasoline bonus. I think it is more convenient to give direct aid to products that are driving up prices and have less taxation selectively than not to do it in the usual way”, Monteiro impressed. Sanchez’s words and insists they are working Extend the discount for three more months On fuel for all users.

Furthermore, with his words, Monteiro outright denies allegations that he has tightened fiscal policy. And while it is undoubtedly true that it has taken a significant tax cut, it is also true that it has been forced out by extraordinary circumstances and aspires for a deeper tax reform that would significantly increase tax revenues.

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The person also responsible for the civil service has announced that the ministry will sit down “soon” to negotiate wage increases for civil servants, and that it intends to introduce a multi-year plan as requested by unions. “We want to agree with trade union organizations Salary increment for the next three yearsMonteiro pointed.

This is something that the previous finance and public works minister, Cristóbal Montoro, already agreed, and that public activists demand for greater stability. In addition, unions have condemned that wage negotiations have not taken place since Pedro Sánchez’s arrival in Moncloa.

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