More than three years judicial trial emeritus for Corinna’s indiscreet confession to Villarejo


In March, the prosecutor’s office definitively filed an investigation into the property. offshore of the emperor.

Don Juan Carlos en Abu Dabhi.
Don Juan Carlos en Abu Dabhi.luca brunoAP

“There are no indications which allow a punitive condemnation to be directed against His Excellency Mr. Juan Carlos of Bourbon and Bourbon, With this statement, the judicial examination of Emeritus Monarch ended on March 2. Was the head of state during 40 years.

It all started when a former close friend of Don Juan Carlos, Corinna Larson, tell the commissioner Jose Manuel VillarejoI heard the former president of Telefnica, John Villalonga, King’s secret business. That indiscreet confession led the anti-corruption prosecutor to launch investigation proceedings in December 2018 to commission the charged for pharaonic work in Mecca of AVE for the offense of corruption in business.

From there, two alerts from Spanish financial intelligence, from the Money Laundering Prevention Service (SepBlack), put the emperor on the ropes for gifts he received from the Mexican billionaire. Alan Sangins-Crouse and for that Trust JRM 2004, Expressed through two other opaque financial structures created by the businessman, a former close friend of the emperor Manuel Prado and Colon de Carvajal.

In December 2020, Don Juan Carlos, defended by lawyer Javier Sanchez-Junco, I caught the prosecutor’s office with a changed leg when it regularized 678,393 euros in front of the tax agency for donations received from Sangins-Krause. Thus the king avoided making allegations of tax fraud against the Spanish treasury after losing his inviolable status with his abdication on June 19, 2014.

After that first regularization will come second in February 2021. On this occasion, Emeritus, thank you public cooperation His close friends voluntarily paid approximately 4.4 million euros to the tax agency for visits and gifts received through Fundacin Zagatakowned by his cousin Lovero of Orleans. Once again, King managed to get rid of the complaint of the Supreme Court prosecutors with this payment.

Despite this, there would be no filing of their investigation proceedings until a year later. Partly, because of the Public Ministry’s efforts that such a delicate case will not be “falsely closed” and also because of the delay of the Swiss prosecutor. yves bertosa To deliver the necessary documents on Zagatka accounts.

For more than three years, the Anti-Corruption and Supreme Court Prosecutor’s Office conducted a thorough investigation of the emperor’s assets, relying on experts. ONIF (National Fraud Investigation Office)Taking statements from those he believed to be his approximate figures – d’Orléans, Krauss and Air Force colonel, Nicolas Cock Mendoza– and issuing rogatory commissions around the world to trace heritage offshore king.

On the other hand, the investigation on the monarch caused internal tension within the office of the State Attorney General, where dolores delgado Suddenly decided to take the investigation away from the anti-corruption and finally appointed the deceased as well as the co-instructor of the proceedings. John Ignatius Campos to the same Chief Prosecutor of that department, Alexander Luzon.

Internal tension in Fiscala

Delgado’s difficulties in this investigation are little known. For example, that the former minister unsuccessfully offered prosecutors on the investigative team that they consider taking a statement from the Emeritus. The attorney general received a negative response, as his subordinates told him that the public ministry lacked regulatory coverage to convene Don Juan Carlos in the framework of pre-trial proceedings.

Furthermore, as the investigation progressed, those responsible for the investigation began to see more and more clearly that it was not possible to present a complaint against the emperor before the second house of the Supreme Court because a large proportion of the criminal was bourbon. The acts attributed to Juan Carlos were determined and many others were committed when the king was protected by a veil of violence. Not in vain, the jurisprudence of the High Court requires that there is strong evidence of criminality against the appraisers before opening a criminal case against them.

At the time, the attorney general proposed that instead of a complaint, a complaint be filed for alleged criminal acts and, again, she ran into the disapproval of Supreme Court prosecutors who believed they would make a fool of themselves. If, in a subsequent investigation of more than two years, a general complaint was filed regarding facts that had been thoroughly investigated.

Everyone knows the end of the story. Last March, after leaving them in a drawer for more than twenty days, Delgado decided to notify the Emeritus Filing Orders of Inquiry. The judicial examination for emeritus in his country had ended and his temporary return to Spain was ensured. His most cherished desire was during his two-year exile in the United Arab Emirates.

With this scenario, the King is left only with the spiteful German businessman who messed with her with Spanish justice, she does not win the battle being waged in the United Kingdom, where he sues her for alleged harassment. has done.

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