Moreno confirmed that the PP tried to absorb Ciudadanos in Andaluca but Arimadas and Marn resisted.


Popular people offer Orange Party councilors to go on their list as independents

During the informative breakfast held this Tuesday in Juanma Moreno, Seville.
During the informative breakfast held this Tuesday in Juanma Moreno, Seville.Joacun CorcheroEuropa Press
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For months, Juanma Moreno halted the PP leadership’s operations in Andalusia to absorb Ciudadanos throughout the region. But, once the Andalusian elections were called, the popular Andalusian people took a step in that direction, but unlike what Pablo Casado did at the national level, this effort was done in a negotiated manner, although in the end neither Juan Neither Marn nor Ins Arimadas allowed him to proceed.

Juanma Moreno himself confirmed this Tuesday in an intervention before the media, where he explained in detail how the PP tried to integrate the board of councilors and speaker of parliamentuntil Ciudadanos appeared at the polls with his own brand, a condition rejected by the Liberal Party’s leadership.

During the informational meeting organized by Europa Press and for Kajasol Foundation, Moreno has commented that PP intends to merge with “the utmost sincerity”. For this, he was offered a position among the candidates as an independent, which would guarantee him the function of deputy. “Nobody asked him to keep the PP card,” he clarified. But the direction of the citizens rejected the maneuver which, in their opinion, would have meant the disappearance of the party.

Moreno, however, defended this morning that this joint list would have been “good” for Andalusia, as votes for the liberal party could be lost in some provinces if they fail to reach the required minimum of 3%. Andalusian Electoral Law (LEA) To get representation in the Autonomous Parliament.

The chairman of the board has explained that relations with Ciudadanos councilors throughout the legislature have been “very fluid”. For this reason and because he believes that his administration is in line with the demands of the electorate, joint list, but always under the acronym PP, and he also did not rule out the possibility of being one of those advisors in a future government. In this regard he said, “Talent should never be wasted”.

Both the PP and the direction of Ciudadanos in Andalusia anticipate the introduction of joint lists at some point in the legislature, given that government partners have always shown good cohesion. But the national leadership of the Orange Party has always opposed this as they see it as a surrender that could lead to the disappearance of the political brand.

Recently, however, when PP admitted that he had offered integration with the directors, Juan Marn was shocked and accused his partner of “distrust”. However, no one is unaware that some councilors and representatives of the CS may have seen consolidation with a good eye given the poor electoral expectations that shift to daily elections. In fact, the ultimate barometer of Andalusian Study CenterThe presidency predicts 1 or 2 seats for Ciudadanos, depending on the minister, compared to 21 seats he took in 2018.

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