Moreno provides advisors to citizens, even if they don’t need them to govern


The 'popular' Juanma Moreno next to a car from his campaign
The ‘popular’ Juanma Moreno next to a car from his campaign.EFE
  • Election Feijo Sets Up Andaluca As The Key “Lever” To Access La Moncloa
  • strategy Moreno confirmed that the PP tried to absorb Ciudadanos in Andaluca but Arimadas and Marn resisted.

The election smiles at Juanma Moreno. Citizens seems like a requisition. But the self-styled government of change has done such a good job that the PP is already looking at revisiting it, at least in a symbolic way. candidates of popular plan to accept members of the formation Orange in his future government, if he manages to repeat at the head Andalusian government. According to sources consulted in the Andalusian presidential environment, the current acting vice president and CS candidate, Juan Marn, is one of those people Moreno seeks to replicate, but will not be the only one.

In the Junta de Andaluca they assure that Moreno wants to keep the people of Ciudadanos in government, but it will be necessary to see who, as it will be only his decision and he will not take it to the end. Among the profiles that PP-A candidates want to be included in a hypothetical government, Marn would be the only one because he’s had a good rapport, as he recalls across the board. But misfortune comes from speculating about the government, ironically, other sources at the San Telmo Palace. In fact, regardless of the election period, the Andalusian Governing Council continues to meet as one every week. And unlike the National Executive, consulted Board sources have influence.

Furthermore, democratic inertia itself points to the PP absorbing the electorate of C in elections. In other words, the famous retelling would happen through facts, as had always been hoped by Pablo Casado, who tried to join the orangutans down the stage. Spain Yoga. In this sense, the PP manages the internal elections in which it gets 50 seats. That’s what Alberto Nez Feijo himself assured this Friday Estepona (Málaga) that there is a wave of enthusiasm and enthusiasm in Andalusia that pushes PP as an alternative. And don’t be optimistic: something big is about to happen.

But in the same internal elections popular, Ciudadanos doesn’t get a single deputy. So, Moreno – who wants to show himself as a transversal president – is already looking at replacing key transversal leaders in his future cabinet who will be left out. Parliament of Andalusia. Talent should never be wasted, he said last Tuesday.

It should be remembered that, this week, Moreno confirmed that he tried to add directors to the PP lists as independents and in opening positions. Oranges As chairman of the board and parliament, until Ciudadanos appeared at the election with his own brand, a condition rejected by the Liberal Party leadership. Both Marn and Ines Arimadas rejected this, as they had assured that it would be the last straw for their party.

The chairman of the board explained that C’s relationship with councilors has been very fluid throughout the legislature. Hence the joint list was proposed, as he believes that voters of both the structures are in sync. If the signatures of Ciudadanos’ councilors are confirmed, Moreno will repeat the model of Isabel Daz Ayuso, who saved them. Orange Marta Rivera de la Cruz signed further for her solo executive Patricia Reyes already Tony Canto for relevant posts.

Be that as it may, the truth is that Marn wants to undermine that expectation by trying to scratch some of the deputies who may be decisive. in three environments. In an act in Seville, Marn assured this Friday that Andalusia would have a coalition government, urging Moreno to move voters if he was going to rule with Si or Vox. Faced with poor forecasts, Cs opposes his management as a great electoral asset in the Andalusian government and declares his liberal utility to end Vox’s influence.

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