Moreno reunites his talisman with Guy Fadi


He returns to the Cowgirls of Los Pedroches, where in 2018 he was already sitting next to the animal he jokingly asked for a vote

PP candidate Juanma Moreno poses next to Guy Fadi.
PP candidate Juanma Moreno poses next to Guy Fadi.rafa alkydEFE

The chairman of the board and the PP candidate for re-election, Juanma Moreno, is reunited with his friend Fadi, his “talisman cow” from a farm. Valley of the Pedroches of Cordoba, For which he jokingly sought votes in the 2018 election campaign and now he has again returned in search of luck for 19J.

Guy Fady, about 1.80 m long and weighing about 700 kg, is the star of? rancher el crus de aura and collects various prizes in competitions, but without a doubt she is famous in the Valle de los Pedroches due to the viral images of Moreno occupying several television spots in the previous election campaign.

“Are you going to vote for PP or not? Yeah man,” the popular candidate asked Guy nearly four years ago, when he submitted negative polls, some of them showing an overtaking of CS. A few days later, on 2 December of the same year, there was a surprise and the sum of PP, CS and Woakes gave him the government.

This improved when graphic media took pictures of the farm trip, and the video was the subject of criticism and humorous comments from other parties, mainly PSOE. Today’s event was held, Moreno posed with Guy and asked for help: “You have to bring me luck again.”

With the President, Minister of Health and number one for Córdoba, Jess Aguirrealso made fun of taking her to San Telmo (headquarters of the chair of the board) and give him an office if he manages to rule alone, convinced that the beast is “already loyal to PP”, although the cow has not said a word about it.

Fedi, who was born in early 2015, shortly after Moreno’s arrival in Andalusia to lead PP-A, has endured photographs steadfastly, as is used to stardom and pale in front of the media. Stands on a carpet of grass.

“I return to see if it brings me the same fate,” Moreno explained. He said, “For a year they were taking us out, this is the most famous cow out there.”

Nor did Aguirre want to miss the occasion, recalling that Guy “votes” in the province of Córdoba, where he heads the PP list for the province.

Less than an hour later, the politician left and Fadi remained on his farm with 350 other adult cows and his two daughters and a few grandchildren, guaranteeing Moreno a good saga of fortune, regardless of term. limits or not. ,

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