Mosos looking for three people involved in kidnapping in Barcelona


Agents have already released a hostage and his captives at a hotel between Gran Va and Paseo de Gracia.

The Mossos d'Esquadra has tonight freed a man who was being held by several in a hotel at the confluence of the Gran V.
Mossos releases a man held in a hotel and arrests a man involved.EFE
  • barcelona They released the kidnapped man and his captive in a hotel

Mossos d’Esquadra is looking for three Bolivians to be involved in the kidnapping of another man from Eastern Europe this Thursday night at a central hotel in Barcelona, ​​located between Gran Via and Passeig de Gracia.

Catalan police last night rescued a man who had been “gagged” and had his hands tied, who was alerted by a call to 112 at around 9:00 a.m. that someone might be held in a hotel room, according to advanced Pawn.

Mossos found a man locked in a room where they could arrest one of the kidnappers While the rest fled from the spot.

The kidnapped Easterners may have stayed at the hotel with a group of Bolivians drug dealing On which, apparently, there were discrepancies and violence took place.

Victim’s pain groaned, bound and strangled, due to possible blows that caused a guest or employee to notify the emergency department.

Mossos soldiers, who deployed an operation in the hotel with special units, They evicted the establishment room from the roomfor what reason resentment among the affected that they had to wait at street level until they returned to their rooms.

In the same search, they found the kidnapped person and one of his captives while the search for three other suspects is on.

At the police station, a statement was taken from a citizen of Eastern Europe, who has submitted Relevant complaint and remaining Bolivians identifiedWhile the prisoner has spent the night in the dungeon and is scheduled to leave today Judicial Provisions.

The police force deployed members of the Civil Defense, Brimo and Arrow to the area and inspected the hotel establishment.

The Central Kidnapping and Extortion Unit of the Criminal Investigation Division (DIC) of the Catalan Police is investigating the incidents.

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